• VMS solar led trailer

    VMS solar led trailer


    JCT VMS solar led trailer integrates solar energy, LED single yellow display and mobile advertising trailers. It breaks through the previous traffic trailers that need to find an external power supply or the limitations of only be fixed in one place. JCT VMS solar led trailer directly adopts the solar independent power supply mode, and can provide uninterrupted power supply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. JCT VMS solar led trailer is more conducive to environmental protection, conforms to th...
  • VMS traffic trailer- full color

    VMS traffic trailer- full color


    JCT VMS traffic trailer can display clear traffic dynamics, guide and guide traffic, it also has the following advantages: 1. Release sudden road information in time to relieve traffic congestion; 2. Use wireless, 4G and other data transmission methods to connect through the traffic control platform; 3. It can be connected to multiple protocols (NTCIP, TCP/IP, PROFIBUS, XML-OPC, etc.); 4. The screen size of the VMS traffic trailer can be customized;   Model VMS traffic trailer-color s...
  • VMS traffic trailer-single color screen

    VMS traffic trailer-single color screen


    JCT VMS traffic trailer(single color screen), abbreviated as VMS in the world, is an important device for the release of traffic conditions and traffic guidance information. It is a traffic information display device with LED light-emitting devices as the basic display unit, with graphics and text display functions.JCT LED VMS Sign Trailer energy-efficient operation makes it working long time than usual.Solar panels charging automatically shuts down when batteries are fully charged, prevent...