4.5m long 3-sided screen led TRUCK BODY

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Model:3360 led truck body

LED truck is a very good outdoor advertising communication tool. It can do brand publicity for customers, road show activities, product promotion activities, and also serve as a live broadcasting platform for football games. It is a very popular product.

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Faced with the strict certification of Chinese truck chassis exports to the European and American markets, JCT provides customers with a disruptive solution with its keen market insight and innovative spirit. Our strategy is to focus on producing high quality LED truck boxes and give the truck chassis option to the customer. Customers can freely choose the right truck chassis according to the local market conditions and needs.

This strategy not only cleverly bypassed the export certification problem, but also saves customers a lot of costs. Customers do not need to pay high tariffs and freight charges for the overall truck import, but just need to customize the LED truck box according to the chassis drawings we provide. This not only simplifies the process, but also reduces the delivery time, bringing great convenience to customers.

Cargo box parameters
Dimension 4585*2220*2200mm Total weight 2500KG
Silent generator group
Dimension 1260*750*1040mm Power 16KW diesel generator set
Voltage and frequency 380V/50HZ Engine Yang Dong, engine model: YSD490D
Motor GPI184ES Noise Super silent box
Others electronic speed regulation
Outdoor full color screen (left and right)
Dimension  3840*1920mm Dot pitch 5mm
Light brand  kinglight Module Size 320mm(W)*160mm(H)
Brightness ≥6500cd/㎡ Lifespan 100,000hours
Average Power Consumption 250w/㎡  Max Power Consumption 750w/㎡
Power Supply Meanwell DRIVE IC ICN2053
Receiving card Nova MRV316 Fresh rate 3840
Cabinet material Iron Cabinet weight Iron 50kg
Maintenance mode Rear service Pixel structure 1R1G1B
LED packaging method SMD2727 Operating Voltage DC5V
Module power 18W scanning method  1/8
HUB HUB75 Pixel density 40000 Dots/㎡
Module resolution 64*32Dots Frame rate/ Grayscale, color 60Hz,13bit
Viewing angle, screen flatness, module  clearance H:120°V:120°、<0.5mm、<0.5mm Operating temperature -20~50℃ 
system support Windows XP,WIN 7,
Outdoor full color screen (rear side) 
Dimension  1280*1760mm Dot pitch 5 mm
Light brand  kinglight Module Size 320mm(W)*160mm(H)
Brightness ≥6500cd/㎡ Lifespan 100,000hours
Average Power Consumption 250w/㎡  Max Power Consumption 750w/㎡
Power parameter (external prower supply)
Input voltage Single phase 240V Output voltage 240V
Inrush current 30A Average power consumption 300wh/㎡
Player control system
Video processor  Nova Model TB60-4G
Sound system
Speaker CDK 100W,4 pcs Power amplifier CDK 500W
hydraulic lifting
distance of travel  1700 mm
Hydraulic stage
Size 5200 mm*1400 mm stairs 2 pecs
guardrail 1 set

The Model 3360 LED truck is not only equipped with an advanced multimedia playback system, supporting U disk playback and mainstream video format, but also reshaping the pattern of advertising and brand communication with its high degree of mobility and flexibility. As a portable advertising terminal, the Model 3360 LED truck can adjust the display location according to the market demand and publicity strategy at any time to ensure that the information is transmitted to the target audience at the most needed time and place. This not only greatly improves the coverage and reach rate of advertising, but also makes the brand information more vivid and vivid in front of the public. In terms of commodity publicity, the LED truck role is particularly significant. It can accurately convey product characteristics and brand value through high-definition and shocking audio-visual effects, effectively attract the attention of potential customers, and stimulate the desire to buy.

In order to meet the diversified needs of the market, our model 3360 LED truck design is flexible, can be configured with P2.5, P3, P4, P5 and other specifications of the screen. These high definition screens guarantee the visual impact of advertising, making your brand or campaign message stand out in a busy city. Whether it is long-term brand image building, or temporary event promotion, our LED truck box can provide excellent publicity effect.

The process of buying LED truck boxes is simple and clear, ensuring that you can easily access the advertising tools you need. Here are the specific purchase steps:

Step 1: Chassis confirmation and drawing confirmation

We will communicate with you in depth to ensure that we understand the model and specific truck chassis requirements you choose. Once the chassis drawings have been determined, we will use this as a benchmark to tailor the LED truck box for you.

LED Truck Body-01

Step 2: Factory Production

After confirming the chassis drawings, our professional factory will quickly start the production process to ensure that the LED truck boxes are manufactured with high precision according to your needs.

LED Truck Body-02

Step 3: Packing and port transportation

After production is completed, we will conduct rigorous quality inspection to ensure that each LED truck box meets the high quality standards. Afterwards, the boxes will be properly packed and arranged for delivery from our factory to the designated port.

LED Truck Body-04

Step 4: Port to Warehouse Transportation

Once arriving at the designated port, we will ensure that the box is safely and quickly transferred to your warehouse. You can flexibly arrange the transportation and reception of the boxes according to your own schedule.

LED Truck Body-05

Step 5: Easy Installation

In order to facilitate you to install LED truck boxes, we will provide detailed installation video and remote guidance from technicians. You just need to follow the steps in the video, you can easily complete the installation of the box.

LED Truck Body-06
LED Truck Body-07

Choosing the LED truck box of JCT not only means that you choose an efficient and eye-catching advertising method, but also means that you choose a way to innovate with us and constantly break through the difficulties. Let's join hands to open a new chapter of outdoor advertising, and create more business possibilities together!


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