• 12㎡ Scissor Type Mobile LED Trailer

    12㎡ Scissor Type Mobile LED Trailer


    JCT 12㎡ scissor type mobile LED trailer was first in 2007 began to research and development, and put into production, after so many years technical develop continuously, already became the most mature of taizhou JingChuan company is also one of the most classic
  • 16㎡ Mobile Led  Trailer

    16㎡ Mobile Led Trailer


    JCT 16m2 mobile LED trailer(Model:E-F16)is launched by jingchuan company in order to meet the customized needs of domestic and foreign customers. The screen size of 5120mm*3200mm can meet the needs of customers for super large screen.
  • 12㎡ Mobile Led Trailer

    12㎡ Mobile Led Trailer


    JCT 12㎡mobile LED trailer for the first time appeared in September 2015, Shanghai international LED show, when once the appearance has attracted the attention of many tourists at home and abroad, high-definition waterproof outdoor full color LED, configuration of high-power outdoor stereo, in line with the international mainstream aesthetic appearance design



    Jingchuan 4㎡ mobile LED trailer(Model:E-F4) is called "sparrows is small, but has all five parts", and is called "BMW mini" in jingchuan trailer series.
  • 6㎡ Mobile led trailer

    6㎡ Mobile led trailer


    JCT 6m2 mobile LED trailer(Model:E-F6) is a new product of trailer series launched by JingChuan company in 2018. Based on the leading mobile led trailer E-F4, E-F6 adds the surface area of LED screen and make the screen size 3200 mm x 1920 mm. But compared with other products in trailer series, it has a relatively smaller screen size.
  • 22㎡ Mobile Led Trailer

    22㎡ Mobile Led Trailer


    The design of JCT 22m2 mobile LED trailer(Model:E-F22)is inspired by the Bumblebee in the movie “Transformers”. With bright yellow appearance, the trailer chassis is very wide and full of domineering.