12㎡ Scissor Type Mobile LED Trailer

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JCT 12㎡ scissor type mobile LED trailer was first in 2007 began to research and development, and put into production, after so many years technical develop continuously, already became the most mature of taizhou JingChuan company is also one of the most classic

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JCT 12㎡ scissor type mobile LED trailer (Model:E-K50Ⅱ)was developed and put into production in 2007. After years of continuous enhancement of technology, it has become Taizhou Jingchuan's best product and one of the most popular products. In the Shanghai World Expo, Xinhua Frequency Vector, Xi'an Garden Expo, Beijing Zoo, Three Gorges Daily , Marathon and other places can see the existence of 12 ㎡ scissor type mobile LED trailers. It can move freely, change information in time, transform communication strategies and location. Let the 12㎡ scissor type mobile LED trailer become one of the new carriers of advertising, information release, and live TV.

Super wide screen; perfect experience

JCT 12㎡ scissor type mobile LED trailer adopts 12㎡ full-color outdoor LED screen. The mainstream 16:9 widescreen display achieves a perfect balance of screen size and clarity, and high-power audio equipment brings a strong audio-visual experience; The military audio-visual integrated control system ensures smooth and stable operation. It has strong compatibility and supports various types of audio-visual files.

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The outdoor soldiers are not afraid of wind and rain

Taking full consideration of outdoor operation factors, the designer makes a reasonable proportion of the weight of the whole vehicle; taking full consideration of drainage factors, the designer sets up fixed support legs, and carries out the waterproof design in the key parts; the shell is made of all-steel material. It comprehensively improves the wind resistance, earthquake resistance, Anti-overturning, rainproof and other design standards, and make sure it stays ahead of industry standards.

Streamline appearance; elegant and simple

The designer took into account the beauty of the car body on the basis of improved functions. The car has smooth lines, simple and elegant style, which is suitable for various environments. At the same time, enough space is reserved for users to personalize the products.

Imported hydraulic lifting; safe and stable

JCT 12㎡ scissor type mobile LED trailer adopts an imported hydraulic lifting system, which is safe and stable. The travel height can reach 2000mm, and the height of the LED screen can be adjusted according to the needs of the environment to ensure that the audience can get the best viewing angle.

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Specification of technical parameters

1. Overall size: 6500*1805*3455mm

2. LED outdoor full-color display screen (P10) size: 4800x2400mm

3. Scissor-fork lifting system: hydraulic cylinder imported from Italy with a travel height of 2000mm.

4. Power consumption (average consumption) : 0.3 / m/H, total average consumption.

5. Equipped with a front-end video processing system for live broadcast or rebroadcast and ball games, with 8 channels, the screen can be switched at will.

6. The intelligent timing power on system can turn on or off the LED screen regularly.

7. equipped with multimedia playback system, support U disk playback, support mainstream video format, support circular playback, interstitials, timing playback and other functions.

8. Input voltage: 380V; starting current: 30A.


E-K50Ⅱ(12㎡ scissor type mobile  LED trailer


Brand JCT External Dimension 6500mm×1805mm×3455mm
Brake Handle/Hydraulic Tire Solid rubber tires
Supporting legs 4pcs    

Hydraulic Lifting and Supporting System

Hydraulic  Lifting


Lifting Range 2000mm,bearing 3T
Wing-against Level Against Level 8wind after screen lift up 2000mm
Supporting leg Stretch distance 300mm
LED Screen
Screen SIZE 4800×2400mm Dot Pitch P3/P4/P5/P6
Lifespan 100,000hours    
Power parameter
Input Voltage Three-phase five-wire 380V Output Voltage 220V
Current 30A Average power consumption 0.3kwh/㎡
Multimedia Control System
Monitor Support 8-way signal input
Media player with various kinds of common used video connector, be available for PC, camera and etc.
Sound 120W Speaker 200W
Relevant model E-K50Ⅲ Screen SIZE 4800×3200mm

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