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JCT 12㎡mobile LED trailer for the first time appeared in September 2015, Shanghai international LED show, when once the appearance has attracted the attention of many tourists at home and abroad, high-definition waterproof outdoor full color LED, configuration of high-power outdoor stereo, in line with the international mainstream aesthetic appearance design

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JCT 12m2 mobile LED trailer(Model:E-F12) firstly appeared in Shanghai international LED show in 2015.9 and it attracted the attention of many tourists at home and abroad. High-definition waterproof outdoor full color LED screen, high-configured sound system, international mainstream aesthetic design and plus various functions of screen such as automatical folding, makes many clients stand in front of the E-F12 mobile LED trailer in the exhibition to get to know more information about the LED trailer. This is absolutely a high ratio of people for mobile LED trailers.

Foldable screen

Unique LED foldable screen technology brings customers a shocking and changeable visual experiences. Screen can play and fold at the same time. 360 degree barrier-free visual coverage and 12m2 screen improve the visual effect. Meanwhile, as it effectively reduces the limits of transportation, it can meet the requirements of special regional dispatching and resettlement to  expand the media coverage.

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Fashionable appearance, dynamic technology

The 12m2 mobile LED trailer changed the traditional streamline design of previous products to a frameless design with clean and neat lines and sharp edges, fully reflecting the sense of science,  technology and modernization. It is especially suitable for pop show, fashion show, automobile new product release and so on.

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Imported hydraulic lifting, safe and stable

12m2 solar mobile led trailer adopts imported hydraulic lifting system with 1.8m travel height and it is safe and stable. The height of LED screen can be adjusted according to the needs of the environment to ensure that audience can get the best viewing angle.

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Product technical parameters

1. Overall size: 6910*2200*2125mm

2. LED outdoor full-color display screen (P3/P4/P5/P6) size: 4480*2560mm

3. Lifting system: hydraulic cylinder imported from Italy with a stroke of 2000mm.

4. Turning mechanism: hydraulic assistant of turning mechanism, carrying capacity: 3000KG

5. Power consumption (average consumption) : 0.3/m2/H, total average consumption.

6. Equipped with multimedia playback system, support usb flash disk and mainstream video format.

7. The intelligent timing power on system can turn on or off the LED screen regularly.

8. can be equipped with light control system, it can automatically adjust the brightness of LED display according to the light intensity.

9. Input voltage 220V, starting current 25A.

Model E-F12(12m2 mobile led trailer


Brand ALKO External size 6910*2200*2125mm
Brake Hand/Hydraulic Tire Solid rubber tires
Supporting legs 4pcs    

LED Screen

Screen Size 4480mm(W)*2560mm(H) Dot Pitch P3/P4/P5/P6
Lifespan 100,000hours    

Hydraulic lifting System

Lifting System Lifting range 2000mm
Supporting system Range 300mm
Folding System 180 degree

Power parameter

Input Voltage 220V Output Voltage 220V
Current 25A    

Multimedia Control System

Player Nova Luminance sensor Nova
Power amplifier 250W Speaker 100W*2pcs

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