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the new E-F8 towed LED propaganda trailer launched by JCT will be well received by customers at home and abroad once it is launched! This LED propaganda trailer combines the advantages of many products of Jingchuan.

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In 2022, the new E-F8 towed LED propaganda trailer launched by JCT  will be well received by customers at home and abroad once it is launched! This LED propaganda trailer combines the advantages of many products of Jingchuan. The chassis is enlarged and widened on the basis of the same series of products, so that the LED screen frame body is more stable, and it can also be guaranteed to stay still in the bad weather of strong wind and rain. At the same time, the screen size has also been upgraded, using a high-definition outdoor waterproof LED screen, the screen area has also been increased to 3840*2240mm, and the scientific and reasonable proportion configuration is in line with people's visual habits.

LED screen can be rotated 360°

E-F8 mobile LED propaganda trailer is a new system with integrated support, hydraulic lifting, and rotating functions. The rotating guide column independently developed by Jingchuan can achieve a 360° viewing range of the LED screen without dead ends, further improving the communication effect. It can be used in crowded places such as gatherings and outdoor sports events.

Folded "Double-Sided King Kong"

The unique LED large-screen folded technology brings a shocking and changeable visual experience; when folded, it can be played on both sides at the same time, achieving 360° barrier-free visual coverage, and the unfolded screen can reach 8.6 square meters, greatly improving the visual effect. The transportation height is limited, which can meet the transportation and placement in special areas and expand the coverage of extended media.

Fashion Appearance Technology Dynamic

The streamlined style of previous products has been changed, and the body adopts a design without frame, with clean lines and sharp edges and corners, fully reflecting the sense of technology and modernity. The whole rack of the multimedia operation box adopts a chute-type design, which can be pulled out for maintenance and connection; the two-layer empty plywood can hold a laptop computer and a DVD player; the multimedia playback system supports U-disk playback, and supports mainstream video and picture formats; expandable Realize remote playback, realize timing, insert, loop and other playback modes.

Imported hydraulic lift, safe and stable

The imported hydraulic lifting system is safe and stable, and the stroke can reach 1300mm; the height of the LED screen can be adjusted according to the needs of the environment to ensure that the audience gets the best viewing angle.

Unique traction design

Equipped with inertial device and handbrake, it can be towed and moved by using a power car. Where there are many people, it can be broadcast and publicized, and where to go; manual support legs of mechanical structure are used, which is convenient and quick to operate;

EF8 Trailer LED Promotional Trailer
Trailer appearance
Total weight  1300kg Dimension                        5765×1800×1980mm
Max speed 120Km/h Axle Load weight 1500KG
Breaking Hand brake    
LED Screen   (left and right)
Dimension  3840mm*2240mm Module Size 320mm(W)*160mm(H)
Light brand  kinglight Dot Pitch 4/3 mm
Brightness ≥6500cd/㎡ Lifespan 100,000hours
Average Power Consumption 250w/㎡  Max Power Consumption 750w/㎡
Power Supply Meanwell DRIVE IC MBI5124
Receiving card Nova MRV316 Fresh rate 3840
Cabinet material Iron Cabinet weight Iron 50kg
Maintenance mode Rear service Pixel structure 1R1G1B
LED packaging method SMD2727 Operating Voltage DC5V
Module power 18W scanning method  1/8
HUB HUB75 Pixel density 62500Dots/㎡
Module resolution 80*40Dots Frame rate/ Grayscale, color 60Hz,13bit
system support Windows XP,WIN 7,    
Power parameter
Input voltage Single phase 220V Output voltage 220V
Inrush current 28A Average power consumption 0.3kwh/㎡
Player System
Player NOVA Modle TB50-4G
Luminance sensor NOVA    
Sound System
Power amplifier  Unilateral power output:250W Speaker Max power consumption:50W*2
Hydraulic System
Wind-proof level Level 8 Supporting legs 4 pcs
Hydraulic lifting: 1300mm Fold LED screen 960mm
EF8_pro (1)
EF8_pro (2)
EF8_pro (3)
EF8_pro (4)
EF8_pro (5)
EF8_pro (6)
EF8_pro (7)
EF8_pro (8)
EF8_pro (9)

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