VMS traffic trailer-single color screen

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JCT VMS traffic trailer(single color screen, abbreviated as VMS in the world, is an important device for the release of traffic conditions and traffic guidance information. It is a traffic information display device with LED light-emitting devices as the basic display unit, with graphics and text display functions.JCT LED VMS Sign Trailer energy-efficient operation makes it working long time than usual.Solar panels charging automatically shuts down when batteries are fully charged, preventing damage. Unique system allows battery charging with solar panels and commercial power.

Advantages of JCT VMS traffic trailer:

1. Large light-emitting chip, low power consumption, energy saving, and supports mixed graphics and text display;

2. High brightness, reasonable viewing angle, intelligent brightness adjustment, the display content is still clearly visible under direct sunlight;

3. Equipped with self-checking function of equipment running status, timely feedback and maintenance;

4. VMS traffic trailer supports multiple communication methods, with adaptive communication interruption function;

5. With reset function, automatic data storage function and remote parameter setting function, it is safe, reliable and convenient;

6. It satisfies the all-weather outdoor working environment, and has high protection performance in terms of rain, moisture, corrosion, and lightning protection.


VMS traffic trailer-single color screen


Brand JCT External Dimension 2700×1800×2600mm
Supporting legs 4pcs Tire Solid rubber tires
Gross Trailer Mass (GTM)  930KG Brake Handle/Hydraulic

single color screen

Screen SIZE 2560mm*1600mm Dot Pitch 10 mm
Lifespan 100,000hours    

Hydraulic lifting System

Hydraulic  LiftingSystem Lifting Range 1000mm
Hydraulic Rotating System Screen can rotate 360degrees
Wing-against Level Against Level 8wind after screen lift up 1000mm

Power parameter

Power System 48V,50AH battery life ≥6hours
Inverter 2000W coulombmeter 1
Input Voltage 220V Output Voltage 48V
Current 15A Average power consumption 0.3kwh/㎡

Multimedia Control System

Optional configuration LED Screen& Battery power & mechanical transmission is optional

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