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The 6.2m led stage truck(Model:E-WT4200) produced by JCT company uses Foton Aumark special chassis. Its overall size is 8730x2370x3990mm and the box size is 6200x2170x2365mm.

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The 6.2m led stage truck(Model:E-WT4200 produced by JCT company uses Foton Aumark special chassis. Its overall size is 8730x2370x3990mm and the box size is 6200x2170x2365mm. The truck is equipped with outdoor LED screen, full-automatic hydraulic stage and professional audio and lighting system. We pre-install all shop function forms in the container, and modify them based on activities to optimize the internal space. It avoids defects of time-consuming and labor-consuming of traditional stage structures. Its efficiency and effectiveness can combine with other marketing communication means to make a better results.

Product parameter description

1. Overall truck size: 8730×2370×3990mm;

2. P6 full-color LED screen size: 4416×2112mm;

3. Power consumption (average consumption) : 0.3/m2/H, total average consumption;

4. Equipped with professional stage audio and multimedia playback equipment, and equipped with image processing system, can simultaneously point out 8 signal input, one-button switch;

5. The intelligent timing power on system can turn on or off the LED screen;

6. The stage is equipped with an area of 5000 (+2000) x3000mm;

7. Equipped with remote control device, can remotely open the hydraulic lifting device;

8. Equipped with lifting cylinder of roof panel and side panel, LED display lifting cylinder and stage turning cylinder;

9. Equipped with 12KW diesel ultra-quiet generator set, it can generate electricity spontaneously in places without external power supply, and generate electricity while driving.

10. Input voltage: 380V, working voltage: 220V, starting current: 20A.

Model E-WT6200 6.2m led stage truck


Brand Foton Aumark External size 8730mm*2370mm*3990mm
Power Cummins Total Weight 11695KG
Emission Standard EuroⅤ/Euro Ⅵ Curb weight 10700KG
Wheel base 4800mm Seat Single row 3seats
Carriages size 6200mm*2170mm*2365mm

Silent Generator Group

Power 12KW Number of cylinders Water-cooled inline 4-cylinder

LED Screen

Screen Size 4416mm*2112mm Dot Pitch P3/P4/P5/P6
Lifespan 100,000hours    

Hydraulic Lifting and Supporting System

LED Screen Hydraulic Lifting System Lifting Range 1500mm
The car plate Hydraulic Lifting System customized
Hydraulic Light support customized
Stage, bracket etc customized

Power parameter

Input Voltage 3 phases 5 wires 380V Output Voltage 220V
Current 20A    

Multimedia Control System

Video processor Nova Model V900
Power amplifier 1500W Speaker 200W*4pcs


Dimension (5000+2000)*3000mm
Type Combined outdoor stage,can piacing in the container after folding
Remark: the multimedia hardware can choose optional effect accessories, microphone, dimming machine, mixer, karaoke jukebox, foaming agent, subwoofer, spray, air box, lighting, floor decoration etc.


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