6m Mobile Exhibition Truck-foton Aumark

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JCT 6m mobile exhibition truck-Foton Aumark(Model:E-KR3360) uses the high-end brand of Foton Motor Group “Aumark” as the mobile chassis, with the world's top “Cummins” superpower, it has a spacious driving space and a wide field of vision

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JCT 6m mobile exhibition truck-Foton AumarkModelE-KR3360) uses the high-end brand of Foton Motor Group “Aumark” as the mobile chassis, with the world's top “Cummins” superpower, it has a spacious driving space and a wide field of vision; The carriage uses an open expansion structure to realize the functions of a mobile experience store, a large stage for a small car, a fully automatic opening, and an outdoor full-color LED background. It is a fully automatic display vehicle specially developed for outdoor activities such as customer product display, theatrical performance, mobile road show, brand promotion, and on-site promotion. JCT 6m LED mobile exhibition truck is committed to creating a mobile shop experience car. It breaks through the traditional interior decoration and is convenient to move. It can change location and change information at any time. It does not need to be installed or disassembled. It is hydraulically lifted. It has a sliding glass door after 1700cm. The car body is equipped with air-conditioning, so that customers have a comfortable experience.

Smart led exhibition truck, wide and open

Equipped with high-end brand omarco mobile chassis, new body design, with spacious driving space and open vision, room temperature control, control driving smooth: spacious space cab noise reduction sound damping design control driving smooth driving experience audio-visual and temperature control functions.


Mobile,convenient and comfortable experience

JCT 6m mobile exhibition truck can tailor a branded mobile experience store according to customer needs, breaking through the traditional interior decoration, allowing customers to personally feel the products or services, and bringing customers a comfortable experience; The vehicle is easy to move, and you can change the location and information at any time, and go wherever you want.

Hydraulic stage,one key operation

JCT 6m mobile exhibition truck can be raised or lowered with one key, and the lifting range can reach 1700mm; At the same time, it is equipped with a hydraulic flip performance stage, which does not require labor to install and disassemble, saving labor costs; The interior of the carriage is transformed into a full-automatic expansion box to increase exhibition and negotiation area.


Eu standard, low carbon environmental protection

In line with international standards, it adopts car chassis that meets emission standards. Low carbon emission reduction reduces the restriction of environmental pollution. The car is equipped with 8 48V50AH noiseless lithium batteries, which are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. A full charge can last for 10 hours, and the front of the car can be charged when driving;

Parameter specification (Standard configuration)

1. Overall dimensions: 5995x2190x3300mm

2. Outdoor full color P6 LED screen: 3520x1920mm 

3. Power consumption (average consumption) : 0.3kw/h/ m²,  total average consumption.

4. Equipped with a front-end video processing system for live broadcast, rebroadcast and matches, there are 8 channels, which can switch the screen at will.

5. The intelligent timing power on system can turn on or off the LED screen.

6. Equipped with multimedia control system, support U disk and mainstream video format.

7. Equipped with 8 pcs Lithium batteriers.

8. Input voltage 220V, output voltage 48V.

Model E-KR3360(6m mobile exhibition truck-Foton Aumark


Brand Foton OUMA External Dimension 5995mm*2190mm*3300mm
Power Cummins Total Weight 4495KG
Emission Standard EuroⅤ/Euro Ⅵ Curb weight 4250KG
Wheel base 3360mm Seat Single row 3seats

LED Screen

Screen Size 3520mm(W)*1920mm(H) Dot Pitch P3/P4/P5/P6
Lifespan 100,000hours    

Power parameter

Input Voltage 220V Output Voltage 220V
Current 20A Average power consumption 0.5kwh/㎡
Multimedia Control System
Monitor Support 8-way signal input
Media player with various kinds of common used video connector, be available for PC, camera and etc.
Sound 120W Speaker 200W

Expansion tank

Expansion tank 3500×1400×1900mm Mobile experience store interior decoration Custom type


Stage Size (4900+750)×1400mm Other accessories Stage ladder, handrail, fence, etc

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