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The 3㎡ mobile LED trailer (model: ST3) is a small outdoor mobile advertising media vehicle newly launched by JCT Company in 2021.Compared with the 4㎡mobile LED trailer (model: E-F4), ST3 is equipped with energy-saving battery power supply, normal operation can be guaranteed even when there is no external power supply outdoors; in the area of the LED screen, its size is 2240*1280mm; the size of the vehicle is: 2500×1800×2162mm, which makes it more flexible and convenient to move .

The lifting system of this 3㎡ mobile LED trailer (model: ST3) is a hand-cranked lifting system, which can be carried out by only one person. Compared with the hydraulic lifting system, the manual lifting system is more affordable. JCT company provides a variety of choices for domestic and foreign customers who need high-quality and inexpensive mobile LED trailers; of course, this model is also equipped with a large screen 330° rotation function and the advantages of free selection of screen definition configuration, so that customers can Customize the outdoor mobile LED trailer you want.

330°rotatable screen

3㎡mobile led trailer integration support, and the functions of hydraulic lifting, rotating system, JCT company self-developed rotating guide pin can realize LED visual range 330 ° no dead Angle, further enhance communication effect, and is especially suitable for city, assembly, crowded occasion applications such as outdoor sports field.

Fashion appearance , science and technology move feeling

Change product line style, traditional body adopts the design of no frame , clean lines, angular, which fully reflects the sense and modern science and technology.Especially suitable for traffic control, performance, hipster shows, such as electronic trailer launch, is the activity of fashion trends and cutting-edge technology or product, and other media to promote the best.

Manual Lifting system, security and stability

Manual Lifting system security and stability, stroke up to 800 mm;Can be adjusted according to the requirements of the environment, LED screen, make sure the audience get the best viewing Angle.

Unique traction bar design

3㎡mobile led trailer equipped with inertial device and hand brake, using the trailer can be towed to move, where more people to which broadcast and publicity, where to think of;Choose the mechanical structure of manual support legs, easy and fast operation;

Product technical parameters

1. Overall size: 2500×1800×2162mm, of which 400mm is inertial device, stroke: 800mm;

2. LED outdoor full color screen (P3/P4/P5/P6) size: 2240*1280mm;

3. Lifting system: Manual winch lifting, stroke 800mm;

4. Equipped with multimedia playback system, supporting 4G, usb flash disk and mainstream video format;

Model ST3(3㎡ mobile LED trailer)

Trailer appearance

Trailer size



2 pcs


1 ton 5-114.3,Hand brake


50mm ball head, 4 hole Australian impact connector, wire brake

Supporting leg

load 1.5 tons,4 PCS

LED Screen

Screen SIZE 2240mm(W)*1280mm(H) Dot Pitch P3/P4/P5/P6
Lifespan 100,000hours

Manual lifting System

Hydraulic  LiftingSystem Lifting Range 800mm
Hydraulic Rotating System Screen can rotate 330degrees
Wing-against Level Against Level 8wind after screen lift up 1000mm

Power parameter (external prower supply)

Input voltage

Single phase 220V

Output voltage


Inrush current


Average power consumption


Multimedia control system


Nova TB2

receiving card


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xiangqingst3 (2)
xiangqingst3 (3)
xiangqingst3 (4)
xiangqingst3 (5)
xiangqingst3 (6)
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