Some tips of daily use and maintenance of advertising truck

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It's getting closer to the end of the new year. At this time, the sales of advertising truck are very popular. Many companies want to use advertising truck to sell their products. This sentence has achieved the hot selling climax of advertising truck. Many friends who have just bought advertising truck want to know the daily operation steps and tips of advertising truck. Let's introduce them to you below.

The reason why promotional truck sell so well is firstly because of the trust of customers, and secondly because of the product quality and perfect after-sales system. Since the promotional truck is so popular, the small knowledge of the daily use and maintenance of the promotional truck is particularly important. Here is a detailed introduction to the small knowledge of the daily use and maintenance of the promotional truck!

1. Daily operation steps of advertising truck:

Turn on the power switch, start the generator, start the computer, audio, power amplifier, and set the playing time and order of video clips or text patterns.

2. Key points of daily maintenance of JCT LED advertising truck:

A. Check the oil level, water level, antifreeze, engine oil, etc. of the generator;

B. Check whether there are blind spots and black screens on the LED screen, and replace it with the matching module in time;

C. Check the lines of the whole truck, including cable, network cable, cable arrangement and interfaces;

D. Copy all playing software and relevant important files in the computer prevent file loss caused by computer poisoning or misoperation;

E. Check the hydraulic oil pipeline and hydraulic oil gauge replace or add hydraulic oil in time;

F. Check the chassis engine, oil change, tires, brakes, etc.

The advertising car is equipped with high-quality broadcasting equipment, which can achieve the perfect audio-visual feast. Only by developing good operating habits in daily operation can the advertising truck take you higher and farther.

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Post time: Aug-23-2021