New outdoor advertising media trend – LED vehicle screen communication advantages

Jingchuan LED vehicle screen, is a large outdoor mobile LED display screen, a large outdoor LED HD full-color display mounted on the body of the mobile trailer chassis of an outdoor advertising media, used for outdoor advertising promotion and promotion, remarkable effect.So below we will have a detailed understanding of this outdoor advertising media -LED vehicle screen communication advantages.

LED vehicle screen, not limited by geographical location, can be used for in-depth and extensive publicity in any target market areas such as streets, lanes, squares and business zones according to customers’ needs.

LED vehicle screen-01 

LED vehicle screen is controlled by computer or video processor terminal. A large LED full-color display is installed on the mobile trailer chassis, which is bright in color. Outdoor waterproof audio can be installed on both sides of the display screen, with wide spread and good effect.The display screen can be connected to a computer or a video processor terminal, and the display screen can be controlled in real time or remotely. Various video, image, text and other information can be played.The towing chassis is equipped with motor, power supply and other equipment, as well as multiple storage boxes for multimedia and other equipment.In addition, the LED on-board panel chassis produced by Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and can be customized in terms of screen area and trailer chassis according to user requirements.

When there are fixed performances such as shopping mall opening, promotion, celebration, performance or live broadcast in outdoor large squares, LED vehicle screen can be raised or lowered according to the needs of on-site activities, and the display screen can be hydraulic raised or lowered with one click to adjust the best viewing Angle.

LED vehicle screen communication advantages:

1. The arrival rate of mobile LED media is as high as 98.3%.

2. Media acceptance: The audience’s acceptance of mobile LED media is high, reaching 72%.

3. Media attention: The audience expressed that they were very/relatively concerned about mobile LED media, which reached 59%.

4. Media preference: 69% of the audience say they like the media very much.

5. Advertising recognition rate: 54%.

LED vehicle screen, using direct transmission, excellent visual Angle effect and visual penetration, strong liquidity, wide range of dissemination, good advertising effect, will be at the time and place you need, timely access to your target customers, so that your advertising spending to get the maximum return.

 LED vehicle screen-02

Above is the JingChuan small edit makes up for the new trend of outdoor advertising media, automotive panel and LED screen spread advantage related introduction, hope can help you understand the information of the LED car screen better, if you also want to know more detailed information about LED vehicle panel, welcome to visit our official website.

Post time: Dec-01-2020