Mobile stage truck rental saves your time, energy and money

Faced with the huge investment in TV advertising, many small and medium-sized enterprises are sighing, so is there a time-saving, labor-saving and money-saving advertising method? How about the mobile stage truck advertising?

As people become tired of TV advertising, a simple, intuitive and effective advertising method come into being, that is, mobile stage truck advertising. It is a display stage on which manufacturers can communicate face-to-face with consumers. Consumers can see products, touch products and learn more about the manufacturer through data or video files. This platform is a mobile stage truck. When it folds, it is a van, and you can install all the promotional products and lighting and sound in the truck. When it unfolds, it is a display stage. You can stick company’s Logo and promotional posters at the outside of truck, and stick introductions of latest products on two screens on both sides. Some companies equipped with led screens for activities. It can be used as a background screen to play company-related product videos, strength display videos and TV commercial videos, etc. The promotional effect is amazing!

Mobile stage truck rental saves you time, energy and money. This new publicity method has been recognized by many manufacturers, and it brings lots of benefits to dealers. You can go to several towns a day with products, lighting and sound all in the truck. It greatly improves the work efficiency and publicity effect!

Post time: Sep-24-2020