LED display truck to participate in outdoor media publicity

LED display trucks are frequently used in outdoor media publicity activities by many businesses, because LED mobile advertising vehicles have many advantages that outdoor publicity does not have.For example, LED advertising vehicles can effectively avoid some moral hazard.Recently, there have been more complaints about the disturbance of outdoor media, and the policy has been more and more inclined to protect public rights, which has created obstacles for the development of outdoor media.Advertising car such as find the sound and picture effect of the advertisement disturbing people, can immediately choose to leave.

At present, in many cities, and the advertising effect on the performance of the LED moving vehicle was tested, the test result shows that: the LED display truck can run in all weather conditions, the enclosed structure can withstand the cold and rain and snow, and special design of the cooling mechanism can display heat and power generation system in a timely manner to eliminate, even in the hot weather can run normally.In addition, the good advertising effect of the new media has also been recognized by advertisers, many of them began to actively seek cooperation.The emergence of LED display truck may change the pattern of new outdoor media.

With the development of The Times, high-tech products are constantly emerging in our life. LED display truck is the product born in this environment. Its appearance has changed the traditional media and satisfied the need of operation media upgrading.

LED display truck participates in outdoor media publicity, which meets the need of operation media upgrading. Compared with other media, it covers a wide range, covers a large area and is highly known by the audience. However, the effect it can achieve is incomparable in other ways.

Post time: Sep-24-2020