JTC new EF4 LED energy-saving screen trailer

The EF4 solar mobile trailer is a small trailer with LED energy-saving screen developed by JCT. We use DIP lights, which are very energy-saving. The average power consumption per square is only 30W, and the maximum power consumption of each module is only 4.8W.
EF4 can be used for product and brand promotion, and live broadcast of ball games. It is a very energy-saving led trailer that can last for 365 days.
Led Trailer Specifications:
1. Trailer size: 2700×1800×2300mm
2. LED screen size: 2560mm*1280mm
3. Dot pitch: DIP6.6, DIP8, DIP10, and NOVA TB50-4G video control system.
4. With solar panel 4 ㎡
5. Battery specification: 2V400AH*12Pcs
6. 330° manual rotation, 1 meter hydraulic lift
7. A1 lamp, the average power consumption is 30w/㎡
Led energy saving screen trailer advantages:
1, can lift 1000MM, can rotate 330 degrees.
2, equipped with solar panels and converters and 9600AH battery, can achieve 365 days a year continuous power supply LED screen.
3, with brake device!
4, Trailer lights with EMARK certification, including indicator lights, brake lights, turn lights, side lights.
5, with 7 core signal connection head!
6, with tow hook and telescopic rod!
7. two tire fenders
8, 10mm safety chain, 80 grade rated ring
9, reflector, 2 white front, 4 yellow sides, 2 red tail
10, the whole vehicle galvanized process
11, brightness control card, automatically adjust brightness.
12,VMS can be controlled wirelessly or wirelessly!
13. Users can remotely control LED SIGN by sending SMS messages.
14, equipped with GPS module, can remotely monitor the position of VMS.
EF4 is equipped with solar battery power supply, which is not limited by geographical location, and provides 365-day uninterrupted power supply to ensure your battery life.


Post time: Sep-23-2022