Introduction to the Characteristics and Advantages of LED Performance Stage Vehicle

At present, more and more outdoor media companies at home and abroad choose to use LED performance stage vehicles to complete their work in product market research, brand planning, brand listing promotion, and product event planning, becoming a professional outdoor publicity that integrates event planning and execution. company. What is the magic power that makes so many companies choose LED performance stage vehicles as an indispensable and important link in event planning? Today, let us introduce to you the characteristics and advantages of LED performance stage vehicle.

The LED performance stage car produced by Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a special vehicle that is convenient for mobile performances and can be unfolded into a stage. Its feature is that it is unfolded through mechanical devices to build a performance stage with a ceiling and a stage board, and is equipped with special devices required for the installation of stage lighting, audio, screens, etc.; The side panel can be unfolded to form the whole vehicle stage ceiling with the ceiling; the right side panel of the stage car body is divided into upper and lower parts, the upper part and the top panel are opened upward to form the stage ceiling, and the lower part of the right panel is turned outward to form the stage plane. The two sides can be sprayed or pasted with various patterns according to user requirements. The LED screen structure on both sides of the carriage can be selected, and multiple windows or no windows can be set; The side of the board and the rear guard are of skirt structure and are connected by welding.

The mobile LED performance stage cars sold by JCT are all branded vehicles with complete procedures, high configuration and guaranteed after-sales. Even if it is exported abroad, it can provide the best after-sales service and one-to-one customer service docking, so that customers can rest assured! Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. solves the problem of easy-to-use and durable stage vehicles for you, and provides you with LED performance stage vehicles and solutions. The roof of the stage vehicle has a variety of openings. The starting device is equipped with button hydraulic operation, the lifting is stable, and the stage can be unfolded freely, making the stage layout more efficient and convenient. The top of the carriage is treated with anti-rain and leak-proof technology, which has passed the rain experiment. The top can reserve a fixed position for lights according to user requirements. Above the top can be used to hang lamps, scenery, and structural installations that can shield from wind, rain and sunlight.

The LED performance stage vehicles manufactured by JCT brand can meet your various customization needs, come and contact us!

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Post time: Sep-23-2022