Introduction of outdoor stage trucks

With people’s fatigue with TV commercials, two simple, intuitive and effective advertising methods have emerged, they are outdoor stage truck tour and stage car fixed-point activities. It is a display stage on which manufacturers can communicate face-to-face with consumers. Consumers can see products, touch products and learn more about the manufacturer through data or video files.

So what types of outdoor stage trucks are there? Next, the editor of JCT will introduce types of outdoor stage trucks.

1. Fully automatic single side exhibition outdoor stage truck

The truck body is fully automatic on one side to form a stage, the roof is half-turned, and LED billboards can be installed. The other side of the truck body forms a backstage.

2. Automatic double sides exhibition outdoor stage truck

Two sides of the truck body are expanded together to form a entire stage, and roof is raised.

3. Automatic three sides exhibition outdoor stage truck

The truck body is spread out on three sides and forms the entire stage. Make full use of the side panels of the truck body to expand the stage.

Outdoor stage truck tour is used for event promotion, so that businesses can save time, effort and money! But before choosing to rent or buy a outdoor stage truck, we must first understand types, so that we can choose according to our own needs.

Post time: Sep-24-2020