Classification of vehicle-mounted LED displays

With the rapid development of LED display, vehicle-mounted LED display appears. Compared with ordinary, fixed and unable to move LED display, it has higher requirements in stability, anti-interference, shockproof and other aspects.Its classification method is also different according to different ways, the following from four aspects to tell you about its classification.

I. Classification according to the dot spacing of vehicle-mounted LED display:

Point spacing is the distance between two pixels to reflect pixel density. Point spacing and pixel density are the physical properties of the display screen.Information capacity is the quantity unit of information carrying capacity displayed at one time per unit area pixel density.The smaller the dot spacing is, the higher the pixel density is, the more disposable information capacity can be displayed per unit area and the closer the distance suitable for viewing.The larger the distance between points, the lower the pixel density, the less disposable information capacity per unit area, and the longer the distance suitable for viewing.

1. P6: The point spacing is 6mm, the display is exquisite, and the visual distance is 6-50M.

2. P5: The point spacing is 5mm, the display is exquisite, and the visual distance is 5-50m.

3. P4: The point spacing is 4mm, the display is exquisite, and the visual distance is 4-50m.

4. P3: The point spacing is 3mm, the display is exquisite, and the visual distance is 3-50m.

II. Classified by color of on-board LED display:

1. Monochrome: Generally, there are red, yellow, blue, green and white light colors, mainly used for displaying advertisements on the roof of taxis, and displaying road signs on both sides of buses;

2, dual color: one screen has two colors display, mainly used for bus functional screen;

3, full-color: mainly used for other types of car body display full-color advertising information, most of the area is larger than the single and double color car screen, the production cost is high, but the advertising effect is better.

Three, according to the vehicle LED display carrier classification:

1, taxi LED word screen: taxi top screen/rear window screen, used to scroll text LED bar screen, single and double colors, mostly display some text information scroll advertising information.

2. Truck LED large screen: it is mainly converted into LED display from the car body of a large truck, and displays full-color picture in high-definition and high-brightness.HD full color display advertising information, richer display to achieve more intuitive to the roadside passers-by to leave a deeper impression of advertising.

3, bus LED display: mainly used for displaying road signs on buses, and in the majority of single and double colors.

The emergence of vehicle-mounted LED display can successfully attract people’s eyes, but there are many kinds of vehicle-mounted LED display, according to different methods can be divided into different kinds, if you want to understand the specific classification, you can come to Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for a detailed look.

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Description: vehicle-mounted LED display all kinds of classification, it can be classified according to the screen spacing, according to the LED display color classification, according to the vehicle-mounted LED display carrier classification, interested friends can come to a detailed understanding.

Post time: Mar-06-2021