28㎡ Platform Mobile Led Trailer For Live Broadcast Of The Football Game

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Model:MBD-28S Platform

In this fast-paced era, every second is precious, especially in outdoor advertising. JCT company knows your needs, for you to build the MBD-28S Platform LED trailer, so that your publicity activities become more efficient, shocking, save time and effort!

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Trailer appearance
Gross weight 3400kg Dimension  (screen up) 7500×2100×2900mm
Chassis German-Made AIKO Max speed 100Km/h
Breaking Hydraulic breaking Axle 2 axles,Bearing 3500kg
LED Screen   
Dimension  7000mm(W)*4000mm(H) Module Size 250mm(W)*250mm(H)
Light brand  Kinglight Dot Pitch 3.91mm
Brightness 5000cd/㎡ Lifespan 100,000hours
Average Power Consumption 200w/㎡  Max Power Consumption 600w/㎡
Power Supply G-Engergy DRIVE IC ICN2153
Receiving card Nova MRV316 Fresh rate 3840
Cabinet material Die-casting aluminum Cabinet size/weight 500*500mm/7.5KG
Maintenance mode Rear service Pixel structure 1R1G1B
LED packaging method SMD2727 Operating Voltage DC5V
Module power 18W scanning method  1/8
HUB HUB75 Pixel density 65410 Dots/㎡
Module resolution 64*64Dots Frame rate/ Grayscale, color 60Hz,13bit
Viewing angle, screen flatness, module  clearance H:120°V:120°、<0.5mm、<0.5mm Operating temperature -20~50℃ 
Power parameter
Input voltage Three phases five wires 380V Output voltage 220V
Inrush current 30A Average power consumption 250wh/㎡
Multimedia Control System
Video processor NOVA Model VX400
Luminance sensor NOVA Multi-function card NOVA
Power amplifier  Unilateral power output:500W Speaker Max power consumption:200W*2
Hydraulic System
Wind-proof level Level 8 Supporting legs Stretching distance 300mm
Hydraulic Lifting and folding system Lifting Range 2000mm, bearing 3000kg, hydraulic screen folding system

One-key operation, easy to control

MBD-28S Platform LED trailer has no complicated operation steps and tedious debugging, just press the remote control, MBD-28S Platform will show you its charm. The main screen automatically rises, and after rotating 180 degrees, it automatically locks the lower screen, which perfectly integrates with the LED screen below, plus the two sides of the screen folding display, giving you a large display of 7000 * 4000mm.

MBD-28S Platform LED trailer-1
MBD-28S Platform LED trailer-2

Visual feast, shocking

As the screen slowly unfolds and rises, a large LED screen emerges. High definition, bright colors and smooth playback effect, ensure that your information can be accurately conveyed to every audience. Whether you want to show your product, play a video, or hold an event, the MBD-28S Platform LED trailer will bring you an unparalleled visual experience that makes the audience shine and linger.

MBD-28S Platform LED trailer-3
MBD-28S Platform LED trailer-4

360 Rotation, whatever you want

Regardless of where you park the LED trailer, the MBD-28S Platform rotates 360 degrees to ensure that the screen is always in the best visual position. Let your publicity effect multiply, attract more potential households.

MBD-28S Platform LED trailer-5
MBD-28S Platform LED trailer-6

Save time and effort, be efficient and convenient

The whole operation process takes only 15 minutes, and the MBD-28 type S Platform LED trailer can be quickly deployed and put into use. For you to save precious time and money, let you more at ease, rest assured.

MBD-28S Platform LED trailer-7
MBD-28S Platform LED trailer-8

Widely applicable, a car of multi-purpose

The MBD-28S Platform LED trailer is not only suitable for outdoor advertising, but also for various events, such as exhibitions, celebrations, concerts, etc. With its large display and excellent performance, this LED trailer will be your right hand for all kinds of activities.

JCT's new model MBD-28S Platform LED trailer that will revolutionize your outdoor advertising campaign. Take immediate action to make your campaign look new, attract more attention, and win more business opportunities!


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