VMS LED Trailer – A new type of mobile electronic sign

A VMS (Variable Message Sign) led trailer is a type of mobile electronic signage that is typically used for traffic and public safety messaging.  These trailers are equipped with one or more LED (light-emitting diode) panels and a control system.  The control system, which may be housed in the trailer or in a separate location, is used to program and display messages on the LED panels.

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The VMS led trailer typically includes the following components:

LED panels: These are the main components of the VMS led trailer , and are used to display messages to passing motorists or pedestrians. The LED panels can display a variety of messages, including text, symbols, and images, and can be programmed to display different messages at different times.

Control system: The control system is used to program and control the messages that are displayed on the LED panels. The control system may include a computer or other type of controller, as well as a software program that is used to create and schedule the messages that are displayed.

Power supply: The VMS led trailer needs power to operate. Some VMS led trailer equipped with a generator for power generation and can be connected to the electricity grid, while others use battery system that stores electricity from solar panel.

Sensors : Some VMS led trailer are equipped with sensors like weather sensor or traffic sensor, which can provide real-time data and integrate that data to display on the VMS.

The VMS led trailer can be transported and quickly deployed at different locations as per requirement. They are typically used by law enforcement and transportation agencies to convey important information to the public, such as road closures, detours, and safety alerts, and also for event promotion, advertising and construction zone message.

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A VMS (Variable Message Sign) led trailer is a type of mobile electronic signage that offers many benefits, including:

Flexibility: VMS led trailer s can be quickly and easily deployed at different locations, making them ideal for use in a variety of settings, including traffic control, public safety, and event promotion.

Real-time messaging: Many VMS led trailer s are equipped with communication systems that allow messages to be changed or updated in real-time, depending on traffic conditions or other factors. This allows for accurate and up-to-date information to be provided to the public.

Improved traffic flow: By providing real-time information about traffic conditions, accidents, and road closures, VMS led trailer s can help improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

Increased safety: VMS led trailer s can be used to convey important safety information to the public, including alerts about potential hazards, traffic delays, and emergency situations.

Cost-effective: Compared to traditional fixed-location signage, VMS led trailer s can be more cost-effective because they can be easily moved to different locations.

Customizable: VMS led trailer s can be programmed to display a variety of messages, including text, symbols, and images. This allows them to be tailored to specific audiences and used for a variety of purposes.

Improved readability: LED panels have better readability in low light or low visibility conditions, which can make messages more visible for passing motorists or pedestrians.

Energy efficient : LED panels are energy efficient and can run for a long time with less power consumption, and the solar panel can recharge the battery, making the VMS led trailer operate self-sufficiently.

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Post time: Jan-12-2023