Understand Classification of Billboard Stage Truck before Buying

Billboard stage truck appears more and more frequently in our lives. It is a special truck for mobile performances and can be developed into a stage. Many people do not know which configuration they should buy, and in this regard, the editor of JCT listed the classification of stage trucks.

1. Classified by area:

1.1 Small billboard stage truck

1.2 Medium-sized billboard stage truck

1.3 Large billboard stage truck

2. Classified by style:

2.1 LED billboard stage truck

Its perfect combination with LED display technology is divided into two types: built-in LED display and external LED display. Both of which use LED display as the dynamic main scene of the stage to enhance the lighting effect of the performance.

Built-in LED billboard stage truck is generally a double side show billboard stage truck. After the top of the stage is raised, the LED screen can be raised and lowered. The front LED screen is for performance stage, and the back one is used as the backstage for actors to dress up.

Billboard stage truck with external LED display is usually a small stage truck with single side exhibition. The stage stands out in front of the LED screen and behind is the backstage.

2.2 Billboard stage truck for product exhibition and sales

It is generally converted into a single exhibition stage truck. It does not require too much stage area, the wider, the better. Generally, a professional model catwalk T-shaped platform will be installed, which is widely used in product exhibition and sales promotion activities. It is a cost-effective style.

3. Description of the structure of billboard stage truck:

3.1 The billboard stage truck body is made of aluminum profiles and stamping parts. The outer plate is aluminum alloy flat plate, and the interior is waterproof plywood, and the stage board is a special stage anti-skid board.

3.2 Outer plate on right side and the right side of the top plate of billboard stage truck are hydraulically lifted to a vertical position with the table surface to form a roof to protect from sun and rain, and to fix lighting equipments and advertising.

3.3 The right inner panel (stage board) is double folded and used as a stage after being turned over by hydraulic device. Extension boards are installed on the left and right sides of the stage, and T-shaped stage is installed in the front.

3.4 The hydraulic system is controlled by hydraulic cylinders from Shanghai Institute of Fluid Technology, and the power unit is imported from Italy.

3.5 It adopts external power supply and can be connected with main supply and 220V civil electricity. Lighting power is 220V, and DC24V emergency lights are arranged on the top plate.

The above has brought you a detailed classification of billboard stage trucks. I believe you’ve had a good understanding after reading it. And we hope those are helpful when you decide to buy billboard stage trucks.

Post time: Sep-24-2020