The type 3070 LED advertising truck in JCT Global Airlift

The type 3070 is a small LED advertising truck in JCT. Easy to drive around, great for advertising everywhere.

Customer from Africa ordered 5 sets one month ago. They stressed that these trucks are urgent and no delays are allowed. With its superb production level and high sense of responsibility, JCT dare not delay, every worker is serious and efficient on the producing job. Finally JCT completed the production task on schedule. Due to the urgent use, the customer chose to use air freight for transportation. This is also the first time we deliver trucks by air. JCT can satisfy all your needs and make a further cooperation with you.If you are interested, please contact u

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Parameter Description (Standard configuration)

1. overall size: 5180x1710x2640mm

2. Double-sided LED outdoor full-color display,Led Size: 2560x1600mm

3. Rear outdoor full-color display, Led Size: 960x1440mm

4. power consumption (average consumption) : 250W/m²

5. equipped with multimedia player system,

6. Equipped with 56V70AH DC generator, 2PCS 12V250AH batteries

7. input voltage DC 48V, starting current 75A.

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Post time: Nov-16-2022