The market prospect analysis of mobile LED car display,

With the rapid development of Internet information, there are more and more digital media. Digital media exists as information dissemination and has a certain vitality in the market. This is also the embodiment of the future development potential of LED publicity vehicles.

According to the market prospect analysis of mobile LED car display, this trailer is suitable for large-scale sports events, its size is 7m*4m, 28 square meters, it is used for football and other events, and it is very popular in the market.

Due to the continuous advancement of technology, large-screen trailers are gradually coming to the masses. EF28 from JCT-China is very popular with advertising media owners and event renters in Europe and the United States and other countries!

mobile trailer led billboard
led mobile advertising trucks for sale

1、Trailer Dimension(screen up):9126×2100×2955mm

2、Screen Dimension :7000mm*4000mm;

3、Foldable screen can be lifted up 2000mm;

4、Chassis: German-Made AIKO,Bearing 6000KG              

5、Max speed:120Km/h

6、Multimedia Control System:NOVASTAR VX600

7、Wind-proof level:IP65 Level

8、With supporting legs: Stretching distance 400mm

9、Eur standard trailer lights

led display advertising car
led display trailer

Post time: Feb-01-2023