The EF8 small portable advertising trailer is ready to ship

EF8 led trailer( 8 squ led screen)shiping today, with screen can be lifted up 1.3m and rotated 330°, Folding 960 mm. The structure design suits for the requirement for loading(1x20GP container). This product belongs to small portable advertising trailer, small generators can be placed on it, in this way, solve the trouble of looking for external power supply. Based on its flexible and maneuverable characteristics, it can be dropped in a wide range. In terms of cost and construction, it doesn't cost much, but it looks good, loved by those start-up clients. It is the first choice of advertising rental activities.

Product technical parameters:

1. Overall size: 4965*1900*2080mm, of which traction rod: 1263mm;

2. LED outdoor full color screen (P5/P4/P3) size: 3840*2240mm;

3. Lifting system: hydraulic cylinder imported from Italy with a stroke of 1300mm;

4. Equipped with multimedia playback system, supporting 4G, usb flash disk and mainstream video format.

If you are interested, please contact us.


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Post time: Nov-16-2022