LED mobile advertising vehicle PK traditional advertising

In simple terms, LED mobile advertising vehicle is equipped with LED screen on the vehicle and can flow in public places and mobile outdoor advertising media. Mobile advertising vehicles can be based on the needs of customers, in the streets, lanes, business areas and other target places to carry out extensive publicity, then you must want to know mobile advertising vehicles and traditional advertising in the end which has the advantage? So let’s take a look.

LED mobile advertising vehicle PK traditional advertising

The comparison of print advertising.

No matter those station signs, light boxes, bus body advertisements and so on, they all have two congenital disadvantages.

Limitations of specific areas: lack of mobility and flexibility.

The degree of neglect of print advertising: there is no dynamic picture, visual and auditory transmission is weak, and the audience is slow to receive and understand the advertising.

Comparison with existing LED outdoor advertising

The setup and cancellation of the existing LED outdoor advertising requires a lot of resources, while the LED advertising car does not have this problem, and for urban construction, there is no environmental burden.

The comparison with TV, newspaper and other advertisements.

Advertising on TV, newspapers and other platforms, there are two disadvantages, one is the limitations of the time, can only be in the specified time; Second, the cost is high.

LED mobile media vehicle optimized and improved the above defects, strong mobility. Probabilistically, it is seven times more likely to be seen by the public than a TV commercial. Three-dimensional realistic picture, wide style screen, strong auditory appeal, yuanwang LED mobile media vehicle will become the leader of outdoor advertising and “environmental protection ambassador”.

The above content is compared with the traditional advertising of LED mobile advertising car, which is obviously more advantageous for mobile advertising car. If you want to know more about THE LED AD car, please visit: www.jcledtrailer.com

Post time: May-05-2022