LED Fire Propaganda Vehicle, A Good Helper to Prevent Fire Hazards

In 2022, JCT will launch a new LED fire-fighting propaganda vehicle to the world. In recent years, fire and explosion incidents have emerged in an endless stream around the world. I still remember the Australian wildfires in 2020, which burned for more than 4 months and caused 3 billion wild animal casualties. Recently, Tesla battery equipment has caused a fire in a substation in California, and a wildfire in eastern Bolivia has affected 6 cities… With the prosperity and development of the global economy, the factors which cause fires continue to increase, but everyone’s fire protection Safety awareness has not been improved accordingly, resulting in frequent fires. So many things tell us that the world needs to enhance fire safety awareness and do a good job in fire safety precautions. The LED fire propaganda vehicles produced and sold by JCT can do a good job in fire safety propaganda work and are a good helper for preventing fire hazards.
The JCT multifunctional LED fire propaganda vehicle is a professional vehicle with fire safety propaganda and education as its main function. It is refitted from a high-end IVECO brand chassis. The overall body color is bright and dazzling. Disseminate common knowledge of fire protection in a mobile way, and implement fire safety publicity and education with the general public “face to face”. JCT fire-fighting propaganda vehicles can be applied to prevent and respond to various types of fire knowledge, report fire alarms, put out initial fires, evacuate, escape and self-rescue safety skills, etc., to strengthen the interaction between fire-fighting agencies and the public.
The prevention of fire hazards should start from the side. We can use LED fire-fighting propaganda vehicles in public places to strengthen the publicity of the hazards of fire hazards and fire safety knowledge; conduct appropriate lectures on fire safety in schools; especially those elderly and children. , but also to know the importance of fire safety. Let people know that fire hazards cause great harm, and let fire safety knowledge be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This will effectively reduce the occurrence of disasters. LED fire propaganda vehicle will be a powerful tool for fire safety precautions!

Post time: Sep-30-2022