LED advertising vehicle is the perfect combination of mobile vehicle and LED screen

In recent years, more and more domestic and foreign enterprises and outdoor media are using LED advertising vehicle. They interact with consumers through live broadcasts, activity roadshows and other ways, so that everyone can better understand their brand and their products, and improve consumers’ awareness of the product brand.

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Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a cultural technology company specializing in the production, sales, and rental of LED advertising vehicles, publicity vehicles, and mobile stage vehicles.The company was established in 2007. With its professional level and mature technology in LED advertising vehicles, LED publicity trailers and other products, it has rapidly emerged in the field of outdoor mobile media and is a pioneer in opening LED advertising vehicles industry in China. As the leader of China’s LED media vehicles, Taizhou Jingchuan independently developed and enjoyed more than 30 national technology patents. It is a standard manufacture for LED advertising vehicles, traffic police LED advertising vehicles, and fire advertising vehicles. The products involve more than 30 vehicle models such as LED trucks, LED trailers, mobile stage vehicles, solar LED trailers, LED containers, traffic guidance trailers and customized vehicle screens.

Our company’s LED advertising vehicle has the characteristics of high coverage and high audience rate. 

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LED advertising vehicle can realize outdoor roadshows, music festivals, sports events and other activities such as live broadcast, rebroadcast, mobile advertising, live karaoke, product promotion, various celebrations, opening ceremonies and other activities.

According to authoritative survey results: LED advertising vehicle can make advertising efficiency up to 80%. Where the people are, there are advertisements! Accurate advertisements directly attract the people, which will greatly enhance the efficiency of advertising release and the people’s awareness of the product brand!

LED advertising vehicle is the perfect combination of mobile vehicle and LED screen

Unlike newspapers, magazines and TV media, LED advertising vehicle is not so low-key, it is active and enthusiastic, shuttling to every corner of the town. The influence is deep, the scope is wide, the audience is large, the audiovisual shock is strong, and the communication effect is obvious. It is not limited by the time and route. It monopolizes time and space, and establishes and deepens the brand image of enterprise products when the people can’t avoid LED advertising vehicle.


LED advertising vehicle is very common in our lives. We can see them when we walk in the streets. The appearance of LED advertising vehicle brings new hope to businesses and enables the public to see different forms of advertising.


Post time: Dec-07-2020