JCT shines at ISLE Shenzhen with its latest LED car screen

From February 29th to March 2nd, 2024, ISLE International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition was grandly held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. JCT Company participated in the exhibition and achieved a complete success. This ISLE exhibition attracted many visitors. We, JCT, participated in this exhibition with the latest products and technologies, demonstrated product innovation technology and new energy applications, attracted the attention of many visitors, and shined at the ISLE Exhibition!

At this exhibition, JCT showcased the MBD-21S LED promotional trailer and EF8EN new energy LED car screen!

First of all, I would like to introduce the MBD-21S LED promotional trailer. It is specially designed for customer convenience and is designed with one-button operation by remote control. The customer only needs to gently press the start button, and the large LED screen connected to the ceiling of the closed box will automatically rise and fall. After the screen rises to the height set by the program, it will automatically rotate 180° to lock the screen and lock another LED below. The large screen is driven upward by hydraulic pressure; not only that, after the screen is raised to a specified height, the left and right sides  can be folded and unfolded, turning the screen into a display screen with an overall size of 7000*3000mm. The large LED screen can also be operated hydraulically. With 360° rotation, no matter where the product is parked, the height and rotation angle can be adjusted via remote control to keep it in the best visual position. The entire operation only takes 15 minutes to put the product into use, saving users time and worry.

LED car screen-4
LED car screen-3

The advantage of another exhibit - EF8EN new energy LED car screen is that it is equipped with a high-quality 51.2V300AH battery pack, which can last for 30 hours on a full charge, which greatly improves the convenience of ground promotion activities and does not require complicated power connections. There is no need for customers to choose the voltage and power, and wide-voltage charging makes it as convenient for customers as using a smartphone! At the same time, new energy batteries are safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, reduce usage costs and bring higher profits.

During the ISLE exhibition, our JCT company had in-depth exchanges and communications with visitors, demonstrating the company's professional knowledge and technical strength. Our professional staff introduced the company's product features and technical advantages to the visitors, winning recognition and praise from the visitors. Visitors showed great interest in the company's products and technologies, and expressed their confidence in the company's products and technologies.

JCT Company achieved great success at the ISLE Exhibition. Our booth became the focus of many visitors, attracted a lot of attention, and became a highlight of the exhibition! The above is the latest introduction of our company's LED advertising trailer at the 2024 ISLE  exhibition presented to you by the editor of "Jingchuan E-Car". If you want to know more about the LED advertising trailer, you can call JCT Company Sales Hotline: 400-858-5818, or visit JCT Company’s official website.

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LED car screen-2
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Post time: Mar-12-2024