JCT is the Best Choice for led stage truck

Do you want to have a platform that can be moved and deployed? Do you want more people know about your products? JCT led stage truck can help you realize it. The stylish and fashionable led stage truck is fully automated to easily unfold stages, and it is exclusively for use at the event site. If you are interested in buying led stage trucks, please contact JCT.

Nowadays, led stage trucks not only have characteristics of flexibility and fast installation, but also realizes functions like large stage, fully automated, large led screen and others with a creative structure. The led stage truck is specially designed for cultural performance, mobile roadshow, outdoor advertising, brand promotion, product display, and on-site promotion.

Led stage trucks should have such good functions when they have stylish appearance and excellent performance. Let’s introduce this led stage truck in detail for you!

Led stage truck belongs to box type, so it can extend the stage and height to the utmost extent. We preset light frames, sceneries and supporting legs to make the roof, truck body and stage stable and flat, and make the truck has good wind resistance in the wild. After fixing supporting legs, lifting the roof, opening the panel on right side and installing lights and background, a professional platform for advertising is then formed. Led stage truck is professionally developed by JCT based on advanced technology and market conditions. It has beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, light weight, safety and strong bearing capacity. It is economical in maintenance because it uses electrical and hydraulic technology to control top and side panels to set up a stage. Only one driver and one lighting and sound engineer are required, so it saves time and personnel costs a lot. It is durable because the entire vehicle and operating mechanisms are designed and manufactured in accordance with professional standards, so it can adapt to various harsh environments and high-intensity use.

Led stage truck not only can be used as a stage to meet the requirements of corporate advertising in towns, villages, squares, markets, and roadsides, but also can do the on-site sales promotion for various enterprises. It can also be used to promote products images for small and medium literary groups and large enterprises. It is really a important tool for promotional activities!

After understanding the function of led stage trucks, many people are very curious about the price. In fact, the price of led stage truck is not very high. JCT put quality and after-sales service on the top rank, and we believe quality and service will win the trust of new and old customers.

Post time: Sep-24-2020