JCT 9.6m promotional display vehicle – a movable product display hall

Integrating functions such as stage performance, product display, interactive experience, and mobile flash,
Meet all your roadshow tour needs!


1. Overall dimensions of the vehicle: 11995 * 2550 * 3870mm;
2. P4 full color display screen size: 80000 * 2400mm;
3. Power consumption (average consumption): 0.25 kWh/m ²∕ H. ;
4. Equipped with JBL professional stage audio and multimedia playback equipment from the United States, and equipped with an image processing system that can simultaneously point out 8 signal inputs and switch with one click;
5. Intelligent timed power on system, which can turn on or off the LED screen at a fixed time;
6. Equipped with a performance stage, with an area of 8000 (+2000) * 3000mm;
7. Equipped with a remote control device that can remotely open the hydraulic lifting device;
8. LED display screen lifting cylinder, stage flipping cylinder;
If you are interested, please contact us. Email: market@jctruckads.com


Post time: Jun-14-2023