JCT 12.5m dispaly car new launch!

JCT 12.5m show car new launch! This display car is also known as road show car, publicity car, caravan, which is customized according to customer’s needs. It is a mobile outdoor commodity exhibition hall, integrated product display, business negotiation, brand interaction and other characteristics, all products display way installed on the carriage, directly to the user, It makes your products could face the user, in-depth publicity, so that the users could experience the charm of the product.


The display car can paste or spray paint the product advertising picture on the outside of the car. The LED screen of the car can play the audio, which is infectious and can greatly attract the user's attention and enhance the publicity effect. At the same time, the mobile nature of the show car gives it the unique advantage of going where the most people go, with greater mobility and wider coverage.

In the face of the increasingly fierce competition in the global market, the promotion of enterprise brands needs more intensive work. Brand owners are more inclined to the development of professional, large-scale, special and novel interactive marketing. For traditional manufacturing enterprises and factories, simply relying on TV, newspapers and other media can no longer fully and effectively convey the brand concept. Now is exactly what we need such a flexible, convenient and brand new display platform as the display car produced by JCT, which perfectly combines the characteristics of brand and commodity exhibition and sales with mobile vehicles. A display car is a movable outdoor exhibition hall. I believe that in the near future, JCT display car publicity mode will be loved by more and more brand enterprises, advertising planning companies and exhibition companies .


Post time: May-25-2023