Introduction to the characteristics of LED vehicle mounted screen


Led on-board screen is a device installed on the vehicle and made of special power supply, control vehicles and unit board to display text, pictures, animation and video through dot matrix lighting. It is an independent set of LED on-board display system with the rapid development of LED display screen. Compared with ordinary door screen and fixed and immovable LED display screen, it has higher requirements for stability, anti-interference, anti vibration, dust prevention and so on.

As an important means of transportation in the city, buses and taxis have a large number and a wide range of routes, which penetrate incomparably in the prosperous sections of the city. The key point of choosing advertising tools is to pay attention to the size of audience rate and communication range. At the same time, buses and taxis are good carriers to display the image of the city. The LED electronic display screen is installed on the bus body, front, rear, taxi roof or rear window as a platform for information release, which can beautify the city appearance, do a good job in the image project of urban lighting, and achieve the practical purpose of rapid development for the take-off of urban economy.

Content: the screen has a large amount of information storage. It can appeal daily advertising, news, policies and regulations, public information (meteorological information, calendar time), urban culture, transportation and other information to the public through the electronic screen. Its public welfare is particularly prominent. It is a window for the government to publicize urban civilization.

Features: as a media release tool, bus and taxi LED advertising display screen has the characteristics of strong mobility, wide release range, high effective arrival rate of information and no restriction of time and space compared with traditional advertising release media; The unique publicity effect and low advertising price will be concerned by more businesses. These characteristics determine that the advertising platform with buses and taxis as the carrier will weave the largest media network in the city.

Advantages: enterprises and businesses use bus and taxi platforms to advertise. By virtue of the mobility of bus and taxi that radio, television, newspapers and magazines do not have, they force passers-by, passengers and traffic participants to see the advertising content; The height of on-board advertising is the same as people’s line of sight, which can spread the advertising content to the public in a short distance, so as to achieve the maximum visual opportunity and the highest arrival rate. Through such a platform, enterprises can establish brand image, influence consumers’ purchase decisions, and achieve the purpose of advertising through continuous information prompts. Its good advertising communication effect can not only enable enterprises and their products to maintain brand image and enhance popularity in the market for a long time, but also cooperate with them in strategic promotion or seasonal product promotion activities.

Effect: advertising contains huge market demand and potential. With its multiple resource advantages, it will provide the most valuable advertising resources for the city’s multimedia and businesses, and become the most effective way to publish the advertising of products and services. We believe that the unique vehicle LED advertising release form will become a highlight of the new advertising carrier.


Post time: Nov-23-2021