Introduction of LED advertising stage car related information

Advertising stage vehicle is a kind of potential advertising behavior. It is a multimedia form, which can give people a visual and auditory impact such as sound and picture. However, the use of advertising stage vehicles and advertising design need to pay attention to many precautions. Let me introduce to you in detail.

The mobility of the advertising stage vehicle makes it possible to disseminate advertising information in a targeted manner close to a specific place. When selecting a route, the product for the customer can appropriately choose the route to pass through commercial areas, business districts, main roads, characteristic streets, and residential quarters. , high-end residential areas, university areas, etc., to maximize the transmission of advertising information to target consumers. 

The difference between the advertising stage vehicle display and the ordinary outdoor full-color screen:

Many friends do not know the difference between the advertising stage vehicle display and the ordinary outdoor full-color display, but the two are not only huge in price, but also in quality and effect. Advertising stage vehicle display is an independent set of LED vehicle display system with the rapid development of stage vehicles. Because advertising stage vehicles are often bumped and vibrated outdoors, and are often used in different harsh environments, the on-board display is different from ordinary ones. Compared with full-color, fixed and immovable LED displays, it has higher requirements on stability, anti-interference, anti-vibration, dust-proof, waterproof, low-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Main protection technology:

Anti-vibration, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, high-voltage waterproof, lightning-proof, and has over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage protection functions, ordinary outdoor full-color screens only need to consider the waterproof and the die light decay. The main technical indicators of the vehicle screen are 9 items, which are completely different from the material, processing technology, post-processing, inspection and testing.

Above is the relevant introduction to the advertising stage vehicle. I hope the above introduction can help you. If you want to know more about the LED advertising stage vehicle, please log in:

Advertising stage vehicle

Post time: Jun-27-2022