How To Play Mobile Trailer LED Screen in Motion

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Playing your LED screen while your trailer is in motion is a fantastic way to attract attention to your business. It enables you to reach your audience with advertising videos and promotional content and can raise awareness of upcoming events and publicize any special offers that you have.
Running your LED screen while your trailer is in motion has numerous benefits for business. It shows the world that your company is fully onboard with technology and it can catch the attention of any passers by who may be interested in what you have to offer but are unfamiliar with your company.

Benefits of playing pictures or videos on LED trailer screen in motion

Let’s look at some of the benefits of playing content on a trailer screen in motion.

1)Attract the customers you hope to reach. With a mobile LED screen trailer you can attract more customers. Putting your advertising message in a public space with eye catching content and easy to read contact details will alert potential customers just who you are, what you do and where you are located.

This is especially good if you have a time limited special offer or an upcoming event. For example if you are a garage running a promotion on car sales or accessories, reaching out across your locality will alert customers they need to act in order to take advantage of your special offers. This works for all business from night clubs to garages and everything else.

2)Deliver your brand and raise awareness. Playing your LED mobile screen as you drive, delivers your brand to all corners of your city. Your potential customers may not even know that your company exists so bringing the message right to their locality will certainly drive footfall and custom.

Make sure your logo and contact details are highly visible and memorable. It is important to remember that just about everyone has smartphones so don’t forget your website address.

You can target areas that fit your customer profile too. So taking your brand to areas that may be outside your immediate geographic area will raise brand awareness very effectively.

3)The most cost effective way to advertise. Using your mobile LED screen trailer is a cost effective way to advertise. It enables you to maximize the use of your mobile LED screen without needing to pay for any extra advertising. With only the cost of the fuel to consider, this method of advertising is as widespread and as free as it gets. And because people see your advertising without needing to actually search for it, it can give potential customers the idea that they need your products.

With the MBD-21S for example,The Mobile LED Trailer (Model: MBD-21S) created by JCT is designed with a one-button remote control for customer convenience. Customer simply gently presses the start button, The roof of the closed box connected to the LED screen will automatically rise and fall up, The screen will automatically rotate the lock screen after rising to the height set by the program, Lock up another large LED screen below, Hydraulic drive upward rise; After the screen rises to the specified height, The left and right folded screens can be expanded, Turn the screen into a large overall size of 7000x3000mm, Bring the audience a super-shocking visual experience, Greatly enhance the publicity effect of businesses; LED screen can also be operated hydraulically 360degree rotation, Regardless of where the Mobile LED Trailer is parked, Can adjust the height and rotation angle by remote control, Put it in the optimal visual position. This one-button remote control button operation, all hydraulic devices are safe and reliable operation, the structure is durable, no need for the user to carry out other dangerous manual operation, only 15 minutes, the whole Mobile LED Trailer can be put into use, so that can save users time and no worries.

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Post time: Nov-13-2023