How do stage trucks resist cold in winter?

How do stage trucks resist the severe cold if it’s too cold in winter?

In the cold winter, how can stage trucks resist the cold? What if it is too cold during the performance and the hydraulic lifting cannot work? Or what if the stage truck cannot start?

Cold resistance performance of stage trucks is not only the start-up problem in low temperatures. Compared with other models, stage trucks also need to care about the smoothness of folding and unfolding. It should not be afraid of the cold, and it can’t be limited in the process of hydraulic unfolding.

JCT stage trucks’ strong stage has good wind and cold resistance, and its convenience and practicality have been praised by many customers. Therefore, customers do not need to worry too much about it, just paying attention to maintenance before using it in winter is enough. Specific methods on how to maintenance will be taught by our technicians.

Although there are a variety of operating methods for stage trucks, car owners still need to protect it in the cold winter. Only in this way can we ensure the driving safe and extend the service life of stage trucks.

Post time: Sep-24-2020