EF12 led screen mobile trailer

Are you still worried about how to promote your brand and products? Do you want to catch more people’s attention and let more people know more about your products? Do you want to hold a promotional event, but you are still worried about screens, audio and other facilities? So let JCT to tell you, only need to have a JCT E-F12 model led trailer, you can solve all of the above problems that make you worried. Hurry up to learn more about it!


JCT E-F12 LED trailer is equipped with 12 ㎡ high resolution outdoor LED screen, waterproof and rain proof without harsh outdoor environment.The screen can be folded 180 degrees for transportation.The screen with hydraulic lifting and 360 degree rotation function.Making the picture delivery range and wider visual Angle. You can tow this trailer to wherever you want to show your brand and products. It can fast to reach your audience.LED screen trailer is a new outdoor advertising media with a wide coverage and high frequency of consumer contact.


JCT E-F12 LED screen trailer is mainly used for: product release, promotion release, exhibition publicity live, various ceremonies, wedding live and other big events.E-F12 LED screen trailer has superior performance, affordable, environmentally friendly and fuel saving, and can be customized according to customer requirements.


Post time: Jul-11-2023