E-YZD33 live-streamed the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, a product that has been popular in the United States.

Truck Chassis
Model 2020 Capt C, CM96-401-202J
Transmission Faust 6 speed
Wheelbase 4700 mm
Vehicle size: 8350×2330×2550

truck with stage

Hydraulic Lifting and Supporting System
Hydraulic lifting system Lifting Range 2000mm, bearing 5000kgs
Hydraulic rotating system Screen can rotate 360 degrees
Supporting legs Stretching distance 300mm

mobile led truck

Silent generator group
Dimension 2200x900x12000mm
Brand Perkins Power 30KW

mobile billboard truck

LED Screen
Dimension 5760mm*2880mm*2 sides
Light brand kinglight Dot Pitch 5mm
Player system
Video processor NOVA Model VX400S
Sound system
Power amplifier Power output:1500W Speaker 200W*4

moble billboard truck

Post time: Dec-28-2022