E-3SF18 LED advertising vehicle

In 2022, JCT will launch a new type of LED advertising vehicle: E-3SF18. This E-3SF18 LED advertising vehicle has been upgraded in the previous product functions. Each side of the advertising vehicle is equipped with an outdoor high-definition LED screen with a size of 3840mm*1920mm, and the rear of the vehicle is equipped with a screen size of 1920mm*1920mm ,The screen on both sides of the carriage adopts a one-button control side unfolding mode. After the side unfolding, it is perfectly spliced ​​with the rear screen of the carriage to form a whole large screen with a size of 9600mm*1920mm. The ultra-wide screen viewing angle makes the color gamut wider. , the picture is more realistic, the whole E-3SF18 LED advertising vehicle is composed of four parts: truck mobile chassis, large screen system, power supply system and operating system. It is widely used in publicity, product promotion, concerts of enterprises and institutions And all kinds of outdoor publicity activities, etc., are called the magic weapon of modern advertising marketing and saving money.

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One-button remote control, more convenient operation

The operating system of the E-3SF18 LED advertising vehicle adopts one-key remote control button operation. After the advertising vehicle is parked, the operator only needs to stand on the side of the advertising vehicle and use the remote control to easily complete the lifting and lowering of the four supporting legs of the vehicle. The screens on both sides are unfolded and retracted side by side, and the three-sided screens are turned on and off, making the advertising vehicle safe and convenient to use, and the operation is simple and clear.

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Seamless splicing on the screen side, reliable performance

The 1920mm*1920mm screens on both sides of the advertising car can be unfolded sideways, and spliced ​​with the 1920mm*1920mm rear screen of the carriage to form a whole 9600mm*1920mm large screen, seamless splicing process, eliminating visual gap interference, and the screen display is complete and coherent; the screen adopts high-performance control System, the three-sided screen can not only play the same content audio synchronously, but also play different content audio in split screen, the performance is reliable, and the playback content can be switched at will, you can do as you like.

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Equipped with high-end brand Dongfeng Motor as mobile chassis, new body design, spacious driving space and broad vision, free control of room temperature: ● Spacious cab ● Noise reduction, sound insulation and vibration damping design ● Smooth driving experience ● Audio-visual and temperature Control function improvement

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Equipped with high-end brand DF Auto as a mobile chassis, with a new body design, a spacious driving space and a wide field of vision, free control of the room temperature: ● Spacious cab ● Noise reduction, sound insulation and vibration reduction design ● Comfortable driving experience ● Audio-visual and temperature control functions improved

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Mobile and convenient, environmental protection and energy saving

The E-3SF18 LED advertising vehicle optimizes and improves the deficiencies of traditional publicity means. It has strong mobility, three-dimensional realistic images, and a spacious screen. It will surely become a leader in outdoor advertising and an "environmental ambassador". The brand power displayed by the enterprise through the advertising vehicle will become larger and larger, and the enterprise energy it conveys will not be underestimated, so as to finally achieve the goal of winning the order and realize the development of the enterprise.

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Post time: Nov-08-2022