Development trend of mobile LED vehicle screen


In recent years, with the continuous innovation of technology, the decline of price and the huge potential market, the application of mobile LED vehicle screen will be more common, not only in public life and commercial activities, but also in all aspects of our life. From urban lighting to indoor, from living tools to high-tech fields, you can see the figure of mobile LED vehicle screen.

However, due to the influence of LED light attenuation, the service life of the original led vehicle screen is generally about five years. Therefore, in the next few years, there will be a large number of LED vehicle screen screens that have reached the service life and need to be replaced, which will undoubtedly bring great economic benefits to the enterprise. This paper analyzes the market prospect of mobile LED vehicle screen from four trends.

1. The overall development of mobile LED vehicle mounted screen has reached scale

The main products of China’s mobile LED vehicle screen industry not only occupy a certain market in China, but also occupy a certain share in the global market, forming a stable export. According to the market prospect analysis of mobile LED vehicle screen, the overall product quality and reliability have been significantly improved. Domestic mobile LED vehicle screen application enterprises have performed well in major projects and key engineering construction, and their ability to undertake and implement large-scale display system projects in international market competition has been significantly improved.

2. The mobile LED vehicle screen industry has made remarkable technological progress

According to the market prospect analysis of mobile LED vehicle screen, the overall technical level of mobile LED vehicle screen application industry is basically synchronized with the international development. In the past two years, innovative products have been coming out continuously, the technical innovation in the industry is active, and the product technology development ability has been continuously strengthened. The ability of technology development, technical support and technical assurance to meet the needs of special applications has been enhanced, and the development of key technologies and mainstream products is relatively mature.

3. The development of mobile LED vehicle screen industry is standardized

The mobile LED vehicle screen industry association has been actively promoting product technology exchange and standardization for many years, and effectively promoted the standardized development of industrial technology products through product technical standards, product technical testing and other means. Standardization and standardization drive the improvement of industrialization level, and the accumulation effect of industrial layout is reflected. For example, there are many large-scale enterprises in Shenzhen. In recent years, an important feature in the development of China’s LED display application industry is that the number of large-scale enterprises has increased significantly, the number of medium-sized enterprises has decreased, and the number of small-scale enterprises has also increased. On the whole, the industry has changed from “olive shape” to “dumbbell shape”.

4. The upstream industry has significantly promoted the development of mobile LED vehicle screen

The positive interaction between the upstream and downstream of the LED industry chain has been realized, and new products and technologies have been popularized and applied rapidly. Based on the development of LED chip materials, drive IC, control and other technologies, many enterprises in the industry have formed a certain technical foundation and production engineering foundation in the aspects of LED comprehensive application, semiconductor lighting, lighting engineering and so on. Based on the traditional LED large screen display technology and products, the share of LED vehicle screen products in the industry market is increasing year by year.

Compared with ordinary led on-board screen, the mobile LED on-board screen of Jingchuan e-vehicle has a longer service life, which can reach more than 100000 hours, and the picture quality is clear, which is suitable for playing high-definition film and television works. Although its production cost is relatively high, it will be more cost-effective because of its long service life and high stability. Moreover, the adaptability of mobile LED vehicle screen to the environment is far more than that of general led vehicle screen.


Post time: Nov-23-2021