Control options for screen stage trucks

There are two types of control for screen stage trucks, one is manual and the other is remote control. Meanwhile, it has a variety of operation modes like manual operation, remote control operation, button operation, etc. So which screen stage truck is better?

Which operation mode is better? From the perspective of maintenance, screen stage truck with manual operation has less trouble and is easier to maintain. Screen stage truck operated by remote control costs more in maintenance because users must keep remote controllers well and change the battery frequently to ensure the remote controller works. From the perspective of cost, manual operation is cheaper and remote control operation price is relatively higher. From the perspective of power, manual operation can take the power of the chassis engine to drive the hydraulic oil, and then do unfolding and retracting, and the power is sufficient. Hydraulic operation is much easier to control and use.

Remote control operation uses the motor in the remote control device to drive the hydraulic oil to do folding and unfolding. Although the power is weaker than the power of chassis engine, remote control can do remote control and has a simple and fast operation.

Manual operation of screen stage truck means the stage is operated by manual multi-way valves when stage is unfolded so as to do stage folding and unfolding. Remote control operation means stage expand and close through the remote control. It is more common just like TVs, you can control the TV by pressing buttons to switch channels, etc., or you can directly use the remote controller to switch channels or do other operations. When users are choosing manual or remote control operation, it depends on which performance of screen stage trucks is more important to them.

Post time: Sep-24-2020