Advertising Mobile Vehicle Participates in Outdoor Media Competition

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Outdoor media resources are easy to be bleak so these companies spend all day looking for new media resources. The emergence of LED advertising mobile vehicles gives outdoor media companies new hope. What about advertising mobile vehicles? Let's have a look.

The emergence of LED advertising mobile vehicle has brought new opportunities to outdoor media companies. This new media is the combination of large LED display screen and truck. The carriage of the truck is refitted into a display box composed of three LCD screens, which can provide three forms of content: dynamic video, static page turning and rear screen subtitles, forming three effects of TV advertising, print advertising and rolling advertising.

The difference between mobile advertising vehicles and fixed outdoor media is that advertising vehicles can flow. They can actively transmit advertising information to the target population, rather than waiting there for acceptance. In addition, the three display screens play the same content at the same time and are close, and its influence and effect are by no means comparable to that of fixed LED.

The advertising mobile vehicles can run under various weather conditions. Its closed structure can withstand severe cold, rain and snow, and the specially designed heat dissipation structure can eliminate the heat generated by the display screen in time. It can operate normally even in hot weather. In addition, the good advertising effect of this new media has also been recognized by advertisers, and many advertisements have begun to take the initiative to seek cooperation.

Perhaps the new pattern of LED car advertising will change. At present, building video, outdoor LED and bus mobile are three pillars in the field of new media. But these three types of media have their own shortcomings. LED advertising vehicles make up for the defects of these three types of media in some aspects and form unique competitiveness.

LED advertising vehicles have great mobility and are not limited by regions. They can shuttle around every corner of the town. They have a deep impact, a wide range and a large audience.

 Jingchuan advertising mobile vehicle is not limited by time, place and route. It can write advertisements and transmit information to the masses anytime and anywhere, which is unmatched by other advertisements. Are you excited? Action is better than heart! What are you waiting for?

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Post time: Jul-30-2021