A new type of communication tool for mobile advertising—— EF4 solar mobile trailer .

EF4 solar mobile trailer is a new type of advertising media equipment from JCT. It combines the trailer with a large LED display to display graphic information in real time, in the form of video animation, and has rich and diverse content. It can be a new type of communication tool for mobile advertising.

EF4 can be used for product and brand promotion, talent show, sales site display, sports events, concerts and other places, and effectively obtain the maximum advertising effect.

1. Trailer size: 2700×1800×2300mm

2. LED screen size: 2560mm*1280mm

3. Dot spacing: DIP6.6, DIP8. DIP10, power saving screen and video control system.

4. With solar panel 4 ㎡

5. Battery specification: 2V400AH*12Pcs

6. 360° manual rotation, 1 meter hydraulic lift

7. A4 lamp, the average power consumption is 50w/㎡

EF4 is equipped with solar battery power supply, which is not limited by geographical location, and provides 365-day uninterrupted power supply to ensure your battery life.

Post time: Dec-22-2022