A new communication medium for outdoor advertising -LED advertising vehicle EW3815

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The LED advertising vehicle- type EW3815 produced by JCT from China is a new type of communication medium used in outdoor advertising. It effectively combines outdoor LED displays with mobile vehicles. Marketing in the streets and alleys has brought new marketing ideas to the global outdoor advertising media industry, which will surely become a powerful new trend in the advertising industry in the future.
Outdoor advertising marketing contains huge market demand. With its various promotional advantages, LED advertising vehicles will surely provide the most valuable advertising resources for many media and businesses in the future, and become the most effective way of advertising products and services.You can use LED advertising truck equipment to hold new product launch promotions, small concerts and other local promotion activities. We believe that LED advertising vehicle from JCT can provide you with a unique form of advertising.

Parameter Description (Standard configuration):
1、Whole truck size: 7200mm x 2300mm x 3800mm, total weight: 8200kgs
2、Hydraulic Lifting System: lifting range 2000mm, bearing 3000KGS,Double lift system
3、Screen size of left side and right side:4480mm x 2240mm,Rear Side:1280mm x 1600mm
4、With silence generator group
5、Wind-against Level: Against level 8 wind after screen lift up 2 meters

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Post time: Nov-24-2022