A Market Analysis of LED Media Vehicles Rental Business

LED media vehicle is known as the fourth generation of green energy. It is widely used in the field of advertising communication. LED media vehicles rental merchants said that the LED media vehicles cleverly combines the large screen with the vehicles. The three-dimensional video animation form has rich and diverse content. It is a new communication medium for mobile advertising.

LED media vehicle like LED, which represents the development trend of low-carbon economy and clean energy economy in the future. Led media vehicles also represents the development direction of outdoor advertising media in the future. Its market prospect will be immeasurable. Experts predict that the market scale of LED advertising vehicles will soon rise to 10% in three years. According to some collected data, it is estimated that there will be more than 40 billion yuan of advertising investment every year, and it has been maintaining high-speed growth.

China’s LED media vehicle has developed very mature in this regard. It has sufficient market conditions to realize large-scale operation, which shows its necessity. The conditions for large-scale operation of LED advertising vehicles, that is, advertising network, are ripe.

The external manifestation of LED advertising vehicles scale management is advertising network. The so-called simulcast network means that all the LED advertising vehicles of the operator are simulcast in their respective regions, such as a prefecture level city, and the same content is broadcast at the same time. In this way, a fairly high bombing intensity and a fairly wide range of care are formed, so as to optimize the communication effect of advertising content. This is quite tempting for advertisers.

LED advertising vehicles overcomes the shortcomings of traditional advertising media. One of the biggest considerations for advertisers to choose which media to advertise is similar to the traditional advertising media, that is, the communication effect, and the effect will not be seen immediately in advanced publicity methods, By comparing the data collected in years, we can find how different this mode of communication is from traditional advertising. The quality of communication effect can also determine whether long-term cooperation can be achieved.

With the vigorous rising of LED media vehicles, the LED media car rental business is also gradually heating up. More and more businesses will undoubtedly choose led media vehicles when carrying out product publicity, product release and other activities.

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Post time: Nov-12-2021