A Brief Analysis of the Reasons Why LED Mobile Advertising Vehicles Are Popular in the Market

When it comes to LED mobile advertising vehicle, many people are not strange. It carries out publicity in the streets in the form of vehicle LED display screen. According to the using in recent years, it has a high market popularity and can be highly praised by users.

Why it is popular and favored in the market? The reasons are as follows.

1. Small size: the LED display screen is basically a very small chip, which is encapsulated in epoxy resin, so it is very small, very light and convenient to carry.

2. Low power consumption: the working voltage of LED display screen is very low, so the power consumed during use is naturally very small. At the same time, under the condition of correct operation, its service life can be guaranteed.

3. High brightness and low heat: the display adopts cold luminescence technology. In this way, we will find that its brightness is very good, but the heat emitted is very small. At the same time, it also has the performance of energy conservation and environmental protection, and the materials used are also environmentally friendly materials, so it will be more durable and firm in the process of use.

What controls the content playback on the LED display? Generally, the LED display screen presents us with pictures of various colors, which is more eye-catching, and what impresses many people is the text and animation on the LED display screen. So what controls the playback content on the LED display?

The playback content on the LED display screen cannot be changed. First, check whether the software parameters are correct. If there is no problem, check the computer serial port card, communication line and the main control card on the LED display screen. The changes are related to these aspects. Because the content on the LED display screen is changed through the LED display screen control card software, this is the core of any normal LED display screen. The control card is displayed through the LED display control card software. Without this software, the text on the display screen cannot be changed, nor can text, pictures, audio, animation and other information be displayed on the display screen.

The best daily working time of LED advertising vehicle is 10 hours

From the perspective of LED advertising vehicle itself, but not necessarily. Overtime work makes the LED advertising vehicle lose quickly, resulting in its service life greatly shortened. Generally, 10 hours a day is the best.

Led mobile advertising vehicle has been highly praised by the majority of users since its birth. Why? This is because the LED publicity car has its own advantages. You can have a detailed understanding.

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Post time: Nov-12-2021