2021 JCT customizable LED service publicity vehicle debut

More and more enterprises have incorporated “services to people’s livelihood projects” into their key tasks, such as energy and thermal power companies, water plants and other enterprises that are related to people’s food, clothing, housing and transportation. JCT LED service publicity vehicle can cooperate with enterprises to carry out various publicity activities. Entering the community and doing local promotion. Let you timely grasp the social dynamics and business information.


The emergence of JCT LED service publicity vehicle has greatly improved the image of enterprise. It is different from the previous publicity form. There have JCT LED service publicity vehicles to escort you, and you will get good returns once and for all. Let me introduce to you the E-YWK3300 LED service publicity vehicle newly launched by Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The LED service publicity vehicle uses Iveco’s 2020 chassis. Wheelbase: 3300mm; The overall dimensions of the vehicle: 5995×2145×3200mm; Conforms to the national VI emission standards; Equipped with a outdoor HD LED large screen; Screen pixels can be selected according to customer requirements. Whether you need P3, P4, P5 or P6, LED service publicity vehicle can meet your needs. The screen area is controlled at 3072×1920mm to maximize the audio playback effect while saving energy. The interior of the carriage can be equipped with various accessories such as sofa, tables, chairs, display cabinets, brand LCD TVs, water dispensers, fireproof panels, and patterned aluminum floors according to customer needs. The LED service publicity vehicle can be customized to create a “shiny light publicity vehicle” that meets the needs of multi-functional city promotion such as business reception, ground display, outdoor promotion, etc.


“One vehicle with multi-purpose, multiple function, multiple configuration” are the three attractive features of JCT E-YWK3300 LED service publicity vehicle. The E-YWK3300 LED service publicity vehicle is very simple to operate. It is suitable to be used as a stage background, offline promotion, performance flash and other project display platforms. It can also be used as an advertising platform. LED service publicity vehicles have a wide range of applications: product launches, press conferences, national tours, etc. At the same time, it has also been widely used in large enterprises and institutions, such as thermal power energy companies, police units and so on.


The above is the introduction of “JCT LED service publicity vehicle” this time by JCT editor. If you want to know more about JCT LED service publicity vehicle, you can search Jingchuan Taizhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 



Post time: Feb-01-2021