The led show truck of The “King Accompany You along The Road” King’s Little Sunny Caravan Hit Again

In September 2021, the led show truck of the "King accompany you along the road" King's little sunny caravan hit again. This is the second led show truck activity opened by King's little sunny this year. The two caravans have been transformed into a little sunny theme experience vehicle. The two lines are carried out at the same time, touring and roadshows in 15 cities across the country, bringing a "little sunny day" to the children.

Taizhou Jingchuan Electronics Co., Ltd. undertook the caravan operation of this activity, and was responsible for the tour publicity and on-site roadshow of 2 caravans. In the activity preparation stage, two caravans were refitted in Jingchuan factory and transformed into a little sunny day theme experience vehicle; At the official launch stage of the event, our Jingchuan caravan operation team went all out to clarify the tasks of each operator, confirm the event time and route in advance, punch in the fixed-point photos and videos at each station, and give the customers the video photos at the event site at the first time, so that the customers can understand the warm atmosphere at the event site remotely.

led show truck-4
led show truck-5

This time, with the help of King little sunny series products that are more in line with consumer needs, King joined hands with YILU Home volunteers and site dealers to integrate the public welfare sector, spread love and goodwill, and called on everyone to pay attention to caring for left behind children through roadshows in 15 cities across the country. There is an endless stream of citizens participating in each site.

As one of the three major integrated paper companies in Japan, King has always adhered to the concept of starting from the perspective of consumers and regarded a better future for mankind and paper products as its own responsibility since entering the Chinese market in 2013. The public welfare cooperation with YILU special fund and Dujiangyan Huayi women and infants will bring the warmest strength to the left behind children in mountainous areas. At the same time, King little sunny series is in hot sales in all stores of Dujiangyan Huayi women and infants!

We also saw at the scene that on the HD LED screen of the caravan, the publicity video of the king's little sunny diapers and the public welfare video of YILU peers were also played in a circular way. Pictures, videos and children's voices showed the public welfare projects of left behind children in mountainous areas in a three-dimensional and colorful way, so that citizens could deeply understand the plight of left behind children in mountainous areas and won numerous praises.

The above is the relevant introduction of "the king's little sunny day caravan led show truck is hot again" presented by Jingchuan Reports. At present, the activity is still hot. We will present more follow-up reports one by one. For customers who want to know about the operation mode of caravan, please tell us about Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. our one-stop service will escort your activities!

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