Jingchuan super large 360 degree rotation LED advertising truck exported to the United States

Recently, a 28 square meter LED advertising truck with 360 degree rotation and folding function, manufactured by China Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., was successfully exported to the United States and put into use in the outdoor advertising market of the United States.

This LED advertising truck which can rotate 360 degrees and fold the screen, is an advertising terminal that can move freely, change information timely, and change communication strategies and locations. It is a new advertising communication carrier that integrates advertising, information release, and live TV. It is equipped with a high-end video processing system for live broadcast or rebroadcast programs and events. It has 8 channels and can switch pictures at will; Equipped with multimedia playback system, support u disk playback, support mainstream video, picture format. And support remote control volume, timing switch and other functions. This LED advertising truck has a screen area of 28 square meters. Such a super large full-color LED screen has bright colors and good publicity effect, which can catch the audience's attention all at once. The truck is equipped with a new system with integrated support, hydraulic lifting and rotation functions, and the visible range of LED display is 360 ° It is especially suitable for crowded occasions such as downtown, assembly, outdoor sports events and so on.


At the same time, the LED advertising truck produced by Jingchuan company introduces the concept of modular integration, which integrates the LED screen, support lifting system, media control and electrical control system to realize modular installation. Customers can choose to buy an independent top mounted truck chassis and install it by themselves, regardless of which truck chassis they choose, We can adjust and customize the LED advertising car top according to the chassis parameters of our own truck, so that there is no problem in the subsequent assembly of the two.

American customers are very satisfied with the products and services after they received the LED advertising truck body from China and successfully assembled it with their chassis. They said that this is a very happy cooperation with Jingchuan and look forward to more cooperation in the future. The above is the introduction of Jingchuan super large 360 degree rotation LED advertising truck exported to the United States. I would like to know more about customers' better, more convenient and more energy-saving LED advertising truck new product experience.