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  • Cheap Price Led Advertising Truck For Sale

    Cheap Price Led Advertising Truck For Sale

    In overseas markets, LED advertising vehicle is at a high speed development and the rise of growth stage, the current LED advertising cars made in China cost about 30% of the overseas similar products - 50%, this let us have a greater competitive advantage on price, while countries "neighbourhood" policy in "escort" for us, help us to develop the overseas market smoothly;A large number of outdoor LED media operators keep emerging in overseas markets. Under the situation of continuous technological innovation, price decline and huge potential market, LED advertising vehicles will be more widely used, not only in public life and commercial activities, but also in all aspects of our life.And in this drive, LED advertising car industry will get more opportunities to develop, maintain the good momentum of vigorous development. However, at present, many countries and regions prohibit the import of powered chassis from other countries. Facing this situation, our jingchuan company designed and produced this e-tw4700 LED advertising car without powered chassis, which is specially designed for regional customer groups who cannot import powered chassis.
  • Latest Outdoor Advertising Product  Led Advertising Vehicle

    Latest Outdoor Advertising Product Led Advertising Vehicle

    With the development of the city, the full-color LED screen has gradually become prominent, which can not only decorate the urban life, but also bring huge business opportunities to our life. Jingchuan creates an LED screen on the wheel, which breaks the traditional fixed LED screen and turns into a portable LED screen anytime and anywhere.The high-end custom E - FS360 LED mobile advertising vehicle adopts full screen design, can be 360 ° rotating LED screen, visual range, no dead Angle, break the defects of the traditional single screen communication effect can be doubled.
  • E-C60 LED Container Truck

    E-C60 LED Container Truck

    Jingchuan company launched a large, giant screen E-C60 LED container truck, which suitable for large-scale events and television stations。It can be used for live, rebroadcast. The screen area reaches 60 square meters, using outdoor p6 full color screen,。It can realize remote broadcast, and rebroadcast,。the large screen can be rotated 360 degrees, or folded into a small screen into the box, raised up to 11 meters high。 With automatic folding stage, the area can reach more than 30 square meters, can realize small performance.
  • JCT LED VMS Sign Trailer

    JCT LED VMS Sign Trailer

    JCT LED VMS Sign Trailer used for outdoor information bulletin, image advertising, advertising activities, information media, business promotion activities,  Social organizations, institutions, schools organized various promotional activities, road traffic guidance variable information display.
  • JCT LED Clothing Display Truck

    JCT LED Clothing Display Truck

    The LED clothing display car built by Jingchuan can be used not only as an advertising campaign, but also as a mobile clothing exhibition car according to customer needs. The car is equipped with a silent generator, which can support media playback for more than 20 hours outdoors. It is undoubtedly very convenient for outdoor sales, you can play the required video and video. At the same time, for example, after installing the shelves in the car, it is definitely necessary to have a certain amount of light. At this time, there is no need to worry about the problem of using electricity. Such an LED clothing display car not only has an elegant appearance, but also can display a three-dimensional video animation form, and the playing content is rich and diverse, and the graphic information can be displayed in real time. Generally used for product promotion, brand promotion, drafting activities, sales show, sports events, concerts, concerts, etc. It can also carry out on-site display, communication, interaction, and a wide range of publicity, effectively obtaining the effect of advertising.
    The clothing industry is often the easiest to accept. The appearance of LED advertising vehicles in the apparel industry has made many people realize the flow of display vehicles, which also promoted the development of clothing manufacturers.
  • Factory Supply Mobile Led Stage Truck

    Factory Supply Mobile Led Stage Truck

    The e-wt7600 mobile led stage truck created by jingchuan company USES the special chassis of futian aoling. The overall size of the vehicle is 9995 2550 3860mm.The car is equipped with hd outdoor LED, fully automatic hydraulic stage, professional audio lighting, all of the stage form pre-installed in the region of the car, but by modified based on the characteristics of activities, optimize the internal space, without the traditional stage structures, remove the time-consuming defect, the more effectively and more quickly, and can and other closely integrated marketing communication means, and realization of function is derived.
  • JCT Mobile VMS LED Trailer

    JCT Mobile VMS LED Trailer

    Jingchuan Mobile VMS LED Trailer are manufactured with innovative technology popularly used for traffic management, council & constructional engineering, mining industry, store advertising and public notice of upcoming events like large meetings and sport events.A multiple of sizes and options are available.
  • JingChuan E K50Ⅲ Mobile Advertising Led Trailer

    JingChuan E K50Ⅲ Mobile Advertising Led Trailer

    JingChuan E-K50Ⅲmobile advertising LED trailer was first in 2007 began to research and development, and put into production, after so many years technical develop continuously, already became the most mature of taizhou JingChuan company is also one of the most classic.The Shanghai world expo, xinhua frequency vector, xian garden expo in xian, Beijing zoo, three gorges daily, yangzhou E-seen in a marathon, and so on are K50Ⅲ LED mobile advertising vehicle.Can move freely and timely change information and transform communication strategy and location features, let E-K50Ⅲ LED mobile ads car become the popular collection, information release, televised live in one of a new type of advertisement carrier.
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