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  • Wholesale Outdoor Led Mobile Truck

    Wholesale Outdoor Led Mobile Truck

    Jingchuan E-W3360 led mobile truck is customized and modified with foton omacho special base plate and LED outdoor full-color energy-saving screen. E-W3360 mobile advertising car is drivable with blue card C with a body length of less than 6 meters. The chassis design of small models enables it to move freely in the city after being registered and licensed, without any negative impact of road rushing and road blocking.Jingchuan e-w3360led mobile truck is equipped with multimedia playing system, supporting U disk playing, supporting mainstream video format, can move freely, timely change information and change the communication strategy and location of the advertising terminal;It plays the role of commodity publicity and customer attraction. It is a new advertisement communication carrier integrating advertisement, information release and TV broadcast. It is the preferred vehicle for the promotion of users.
  • Perfect Quality Good Price Led Mobile Truck

    Perfect Quality Good Price Led Mobile Truck

    JingChuan E-YWK3310 LED mobile truck is used by iveco chassis, vehicle appearance size: 5995 * 2145 * 3200 mm, national standard discharge: Ⅴ, car configuration sofa chairs, fire prevention board, decorative pattern aluminum floor, brand LCD TV and customized stage, business reception, stage, outdoor advertising, and other requirements to promote the city's shining light "customer"."One car multi-purpose, multi-functional, multi-configuration "jingchuan advertising car has become the three attractive characteristics.
  • Outdoor Mobile Advertising Led Container Truck

    Outdoor Mobile Advertising Led Container Truck

    JingChuan custom build of the E - C40 LED container trucks all use chassis of semi-trailer stage to be modified production, stage large LED outdoor full color, the car configuration screen can reach 40 square, suitable for large events as a live broadcast, broadcast and television, can realize remote broadcast, broadcast, screen can rotate 360 degrees turn, fold into double screen into the box body, after rising up to 11 meters high, with automatic folding stage, up to more than 20 square, which can realize small performance.
  • Latest Outdoor Advertising Product  Led Advertising Vehicle

    Latest Outdoor Advertising Product Led Advertising Vehicle

    With the development of the city, the full-color LED screen has gradually become prominent, which can not only decorate the urban life, but also bring huge business opportunities to our life. Jingchuan creates an LED screen on the wheel, which breaks the traditional fixed LED screen and turns into a portable LED screen anytime and anywhere.The high-end custom E - FS360 LED mobile advertising vehicle adopts full screen design, can be 360 ° rotating LED screen, visual range, no dead Angle, break the defects of the traditional single screen communication effect can be doubled.
  • JCT LED Home Display Truck

    JCT LED Home Display Truck

    The so-called "seeing is believing", how to choose from the gorgeous exhibition hall to the needs of customers, close to the life display strength, set display media in one LED home display truck will become an effective way to promote furniture brand. Whether at the exhibition site or at the designated event, LED home display trucks can perfectly show the brand connotation to consumers. The domestic leading LED screen display technology can clearly present the trend style and quality details, bringing a perfect audio and video experience, which makes people stand on the investment; physical display, real quality details, immersively promote sales.
    At the same time, LED home display truck's own professional and advanced media image will also bring more favorable propaganda and guidance, trigger more attention of consumers, promote and promote the development and promotion of the home industry.
  • E-C60 LED Container Truck

    E-C60 LED Container Truck

    Jingchuan company launched a large, giant screen E-C60 LED container truck, which suitable for large-scale events and television stations。It can be used for live, rebroadcast. The screen area reaches 60 square meters, using outdoor p6 full color screen,。It can realize remote broadcast, and rebroadcast,。the large screen can be rotated 360 degrees, or folded into a small screen into the box, raised up to 11 meters high。 With automatic folding stage, the area can reach more than 30 square meters, can realize small performance.
  • JCT 40 Square Meters Container Stage Truck

    JCT 40 Square Meters Container Stage Truck

    JingChuan 40 square meters container stage truck is equipped with a large screen, which suitable for large events and TV stations as live, rebroadcast. The screen adopts outdoor p6 high definition full color screen, with an area of up to 40㎡, It can realize such functions as remote live broadcasting, rebroadcasting and joint broadcasting。The large LED screen can be rotated 360 degrees and folded up and down, which can be folded into a small screen and put into the truck box. It is equipped with automatic hydraulic lifting, which can reach 11 meters after lifting.
  • 40ft Container Mobile Stage Truck

    40ft Container Mobile Stage Truck

    JingChuan 40ft Container mobile STAGE TRUCK is a convenient flow stage, and can become the stage of special car, the car is equipped with outdoor LED, fully automatic hydraulic stage, professional audio lighting, the stage of all forms pre-installed in the region of the car, but by modified based on the characteristics of activities, optimize the internal space, without the traditional stage structures, remove the time-consuming defect, the more quickly and more effectively and can and other closely integrated marketing communication means, and realization of function is derived.
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      Mobile LED truck can be installed at the gate of your company, in the square, in the community...Always park.

    stage container truck

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